20 May 2022



In this article we will be highlighting or covering the whole news regarding the Pixel Watches. It is in the news which was incredibly surprising that, 9 to5 Google reported that Google just filed a trademark application for the Pixel Watch name and the trademark application is freely available online, though there isn’t much to glean from it. As reported, the trademark filing doesn’t really tell us too much apart from the name of the long awaited wearable. The documents are submitted by Google to the United States Patent and Trademark Office which are related to smart watches and smart watch accessories.

Google has yet to officially announce any kind of smart watch to add to its product portfolio, but the signs have been there for a while.

This shows that the device is going to be unveiled in the not too distant future. Earlier rumors have suggested that the wearable might be announced in May, although we have heard that it might not go on sale until October.


So, as the Pixel are soon going to be released in the market, people are expecting a lot related to application, design etc. So, the major expectation related to the Pixel watches are as it looks as though the smart watch will have a sleek rounded design, and there might be physical crown button on the wearable as well. The pictures related to the design of the wearable have also been leaked out. They feature the sort of information you would expect to be able to get from any smart watch: step count, heart rate and current weather conditions.

Pricing related to the watches are not yet confirmed for the sale. Whereas, the device will cost relative to its competitors is obviously going to be crucial when it comes to establishing its appeal to consumers.


Some of the smart watches company like Ticwatch, Fossil and Samsung (after switching its smart watches over from Tizen) are keeping the flag flying as far as Wear OS devices are concerned, but it’s clearly important that Google also has its own flagship wearable on the market too.

As we already know that the Apple watch has been a huge success, and of course it works seam lessely with the iphone. Meanwhile, up until this point, owners of Google Pixel phone haven’t had a smart watch that they can rely on and be proud of in the same sort of way.

With the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro proving relatively successful, the time feels right for the Pixel watch to make its bow: both to give the Apple watch some added competition and to attract more attention to the Wear OS platform in general.


As the Google Pixel watch are going to be released in the market for sale, it will be really interesting to see how it will overcome all his competitors in the market and owns the market.

Perhaps one day, the Apple Watch won't be quite so dominant when it comes to smart watches – and what's more, the Pixel Watch might be part of the reason behind that shift.

“PIXEL WATCH™ trademark registration is intended to cover the categories of smart watches; cases adapted for holding smart watches; wearable computers in the nature of smart watches; smart watch straps; smart watch bands.”

In other words, it is like when Google decided to make its own Pixel smartphones after many years of maintaining and updating Android for other hardware companies to use in their own phones. Pixel phones have gotten to be pretty excellent over the years, so if Google can reach that level of quality with pixel watches, it could be a nice alternative to Samsung’s Galaxy Watch.

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