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28 Jul 2022


TRADEMARK: A trademark is a type of intellectual property consisting of a recognizable sign, design, or expression which identifies products or services of a particular source from those of others, although trademarks used to identify services are usually called service marks.


Trademark has a total of 45 classes and The manufacture of goods and services are grouped into different classes. Each class requires a different registration. This is a classification of almost 80,000 products and services and divided into two sections - Classes for Goods & Classes of Services.



Trademark Class 2

According to the NICE Classification, Trademark Class 2 includes paints, dyes, colourants, varnishes, thinners, lacquers, resins, anti-preparations, primers, pigments. Trademark Class 2 comes under the Classes of Goods section.

Below mentioned is the detailed information of Trademark Class 2.

Types of goods come under Trademark Class 2

Trademark Class 2 includes goods such as 

  • Paints
  • Colourants, and preparations used for the protection against corrosion. 

This Class includes in particular, paints, varnishes, and lacquers for industry, handicrafts and arts, dyestuffs for clothing, colourants for foodstuffs and beverages.

Types of goods that do not come under Trademark Class 2

The goods which do not come under Trademark Class 2 are:

  • Unprocessed artificial resins 
  • Laundry bluing 
  • Cosmetic dyes 
  • Paint boxes 
  • Insulating paints and varnishes 


List of Good under Trademark Class 2

  • Alizarin Dyes
  • Aluminium Powder For Painting
  • Aluminium Paints
  • Aniline Dyes
  • Annotto [Dyestuff] / Annatto [Dyestuff]
  • Anti-corrosive Bands
  • Anti-corrosive Preparations
  • Anti-fouling Paints
  • Anti-rust Oils
  • Anti-rust Greases
  • Anti-rust Preparations For Preservation
  • Anti-tarnishing Preparations For Metals
  • Asbestos Paints
  • Auramine
  • Bactericidal Paints
  • Badigeon
  • Binding Preparations For Paints / Agglutinates For Paints
  • Bitumen Varnish
  • Black Japan
  • Bronze Powder For Painting
  • Bronzing Lacquers
  • Canada Balsam
  • Caramel [Food Colourant]
  • Carbon Black [Pigment]
  • Carbonyl [Wood Preservative]
  • Ceramic Paints
  • Coatings [Paints]
  • Coatings For Roofing Felt [Paints] / Coatings For Tarred Felt [Paints]
  • Cobalt Oxide [Colourant]
  • Cochineal Carmine
  • Colophony
  • Colourants* / Dyestuffs
  • Colourants For Liqueurs
  • Colourants For Beer
  • Colourants For Butter
  • Colourants For Beverages
  • Copal
  • Copal Varnish
  • Creosote For Wood Preservation
  • Distempers
  • Dyes*
  • Dyewood Extracts / Wood Dyestuffs
  • Dyewood / Colouring [Colouring] Wood / Dye-wood
  • Enamels [Varnishes]
  • Enamels For Painting / Enamel Paints
  • Engraving Ink
  • Fireproof Paints
  • Fixatives For Watercolours [Watercolours] / Fixatives For Watercolours / Fixatives For Watercolours
  • Fixatives [Varnishes]
  • Metal Foil For Painters, Decorators, Printers And Artists
  • Food Dyes / Food Colourants
  • Gamboge For Painting
  • Glazes [Paints, Lacquers]
  • Gum Resins
  • Gum-lac / Shellac
  • Indigo [Colourant]
  • Ink For Skin-dressing
  • Ink For Leather
  • Lacquers
  • Lamp Black [Pigment]
  • Lime Wash
  • Malt Caramel [Food Colourant]
  • Malt Colourants
  • Marking Ink For Animals
  • Mastic [Natural Resin]
  • Metals In Powder Form For Painters, Decorators, Printers And Artists
  • Mordants*
  • Natural Resins, Raw
  • Oils For The Preservation Of Wood / Preservative Oils For Wood
  • Orange Lead / Litharge
  • Repositionable Paint Patches
  • Paints*
  • Paper For Dyeing Easter Eggs
  • Pigments
  • Primers
  • Printers’ Pastes [Ink] / Printing Compositions [Ink]
  • Printing Ink
  • Protective Preparations For Metals
  • Red Lead / Minium
  • Saffron [Colourant]
  • Sandarac
  • Shoe Dyes
  • Siccatives [Drying Agents] For Paints
  • Sienna Earth
  • Silver Emulsions [Pigments]
  • Silver Paste
  • Silvering Powders
  • Soot [Colourant]
  • Stains For Leather / Mordants For Leather
  • Sumac For Varnishes
  • Thickeners For Paints
  • Thinners For Lacquers
  • Thinners For Paints
  • Titanium Dioxide [Pigment]
  • Toner Cartridges, Filled, For Printers And Photocopiers
  • Toners [Ink] For Photocopiers / Ink [Toner] For Photocopiers
  • Turmeric [Colourant]
  • Turpentine [Thinner For Paints]
  • Undercoating For Vehicle Chassis / Undersealing For Vehicle Chassis
  • Varnishes*
  • White Lead
  • Whitewash
  • Wood Stains
  • Wood Mordants
  • Wood Preservatives
  • Wood Coatings [Paints]
  • Yellowwood [Colourant]
  • Zinc Oxide [Pigment]

Trademark provides protection for both businesses and consumers by making them an important part of running a successful company. For Trademark registration, you can get expert advice and consult on Legaltax  website.

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