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₹ 999/- (Consultancy Only)

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₹ 999/- (Consultancy Only)

We'll never share your email with anyone else.

2 Lakhs

Happy Customers






How it Works?


Briefing of Facts/Case/Suit

We Ask You to Brief your case facts to prepare for filing.


Drafting & Filing Facts/Case/Suit

We make draft of your case and do the filing process.


Litigation Process Facts/Case/Suit

We prepare for court trial process to appear before court to present facts.


What do you mean by money recovery suit?

Money Recovery

Collecting bad debts and outstanding receivables, or handling bounced cheques can cause distress to assist you recover your debt, LEGALTAX features a team of experienced debt collection attorneys and financial professionals who can provide tailor-made solutions to recover what's rightfully yours.

The procedure for money recovery

  • The first step within the process of cash recovery are going to be to a send a legal notice to the defaulter.
  • If you continue to don’t receive the payment, you'll choose one among these options; Summary Suits, Negotiable Instruments Act, Criminal case or Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code.
  • Our expert lawyers will guide you thru the method to assist you opt the simplest option.

Documents Required?


1. Original invoice/ bill for sale of product/ service

2. All communications in forms of letters or emails sent to the other party for repayment of money.

3. Any other document related to the product/ service.


Procedure for Filing of Money Recovery Suit


Step 1


You will be required to send scanned copies and also originals at the time of filling of the suit of documents pertaining to the financial transaction for verification by our LEGALTAX Advocate.

Step 2


The petition will be drafted and shared with you for review and approval within 4 working days of receiving the documents.


Step 3


The lawyer will file the petition in Court within 3 working days of approval of the draft.


Step 4


The lawyer will make preliminary arguments on your behalf and get the petitioner admitted.


Step 5


The debtor will file a reply to suit.


Step 6


The Court will conduct hearing and listen to arguments in the matter to verify if the debtor should be granted an opportunity to defend his case.

Defense Opportunity Allowed
  • Arguments and examination of evidence: In special circumstances, the Court may allow the debtor to defend the suit. In this case, the Court will hear arguments from the lawyers of both parties and examine the evidence presented before it.
  • Decision by court: The Court will state its decision by delivering a judgment.
Defense Opportunity Denied
  • Decision by court: In case the Court refuses to grant the debtor an opportunity to defend the suit, it will straightaway deliver its judgment in the matter.

What are the various means to recover your money?

Send A Legal Notice:

Once a defaulter receives the notice, he or she has 15 days to return the cash . during which a complaint is registered with the court, or one can file an FIR with the police.

Summary Suits:

The quickest thanks to recover money are going to be ‘Order 37’ of the Civil Procedure Code, with Summary Suits, because it is predicated on written statements and it'll speed up court proceedings

Negotiable Instruments Act:

Under this act, there are provisions to recover debt or money for instruments like cheques, bills of exchange, etc.

Criminal Case:

A criminal case are often filed against the defaulter for recovering the debt under the Indian legal code , 1860.

Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code:

A case for insolvency for debt collection are going to be submitted to the adjudicating authority. The plea should be either accepted or rejected within 14 days.


Payment Structure?

  • You are required to pay 50% of the case fee to start the work.
  • 25% is payable after the petition is admitted by the Civil Court.
  • Remaining 25% is to be paid before the final hearing of the case.



A summary suit is a legal procedure for faster and efficient remedy. In case of admitted liability by the debtor or financial liability arising out of a written contract, a summary suit can be filed in a Civil Court for speedier recovery of money. Unlike normal cases, summary cases are disposed off quickly. The summary suit is based only on written statements from both parties without any unnecessary trial hearing. At the time of filing of the summary case, necessary documents such as bills, invoices, contracts, delivery receipts etc. are required to be attached with the petition.Alimony

In a summary suit, the debtor cannot defend his case as a matter of right. In the event of Debtor wanting to contest the case, he/ she has to convince the Court to allow him/ her to defend the case. The Debtor will have to show facts and circumstances which would require detailed trial. If the Court does not grant such leave, the Court shall pass the judgment. However, if the Court is convinced that there are issues on which trial is required, only then the Court will grant the debtor to defend the case.

The summary suit must be filed within a period of 3 years from the date of cause of action i.e. 3 years from the date the money became due and payable.

The procedure in a summary suit ensures that there are no unjustified delays in delivering justice. It is a speedier and efficient recourse to recover your money when compared to ordinary civil suits. The debtor in a summary suit does not have a right to defend her/ his case if the liability is arising out of a written contract, guarantee or enactment. After filing of the suit, the debtor/ defendant is required to mark an appearance in Court within 10 days and has to apply for leave to defend the suit. In his application, she/ he has to convince the court of circumstances warranting a detailed trial. However, in most cases, it has been seen that the Court does not grant such leave to the defendant and hence a judgment is delivered by the Court straightaway without having detailed hearings or detailed examination of evidences.

You can ask for the following three reliefs in your petition for recovery of money: Payment of outstanding amount Interest on the outstanding amount from the due date till the date of payment Costs incurred towards litigation.

You can either discuss your recovery matter over the phone or visit the lawyer personally. We will try our best to connect you with the lawyer at the best mutually selected time.

The pricing includes the consultancy of only.

Yes in every step of recovery suit you need a advocate and LEGALTAX will help you for the same.

Yes both parties to the case can anytime challenge the same.

In case of recovery suit, the competency of lawyers should be judged by their ability to save time. It's a tedious negotiation between both parties. A competent lawyer would be an astute negotiator who can bring both the party in an agreement without wasting time.

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