How to sell on Meesho without GST Number

How to sell on meesho without gst number


GST stands for Goods and Services Tax. A GST number, also known as the GSTIN (Goods and Services Tax Identification Number), is a unique 15-digit alphanumeric code issued by the government to registered businesses in India. This number is used to track and administer the collection and payment of GST, which is a value-added tax applied to the supply of goods and services. Businesses that are registered for GST are required to collect GST on the products or services they sell, and they can also claim input tax credit for GST paid on their purchases.

GST has replaced various other indirect taxes in India and has been designed to simplify the tax structure and promote uniformity in taxation across the country. Each registered business is issued a GST number to ensure compliance with GST regulations. So now we go to read the given below points and know the how to sell on Meesho without GST Number ?

How to sell on Meesho without GST Number?

Selling on Meesho without a GST (Goods and Services Tax) number may be possible, but the platform’s policies and requirements can change over time. Here’s a general guide on how to sell on Meesho without a GST number:

Sign Up on Meesho :

  • Download the Meesho app or visit their website.
  • Sign up for a seller account by providing your basic information, including your name, mobile number, and email address.

Complete Profile :

  • Complete your seller profile with accurate information. This may include your business name, address, and bank account details.

Product Selection :

  • Choose products to sell that do not require GST registration Online. Common examples include handmade goods, artisanal products, and certain low-value items.

Product Listings :

  • Create product listings by uploading clear photos and detailed descriptions of your products.

Pricing and Shipping :

  • Set competitive prices for your products, considering factors like shipping costs.
  • Decide on shipping options and rates for your customers.

Start Selling :

  • Once your listings are live, customers can place orders, and you can start selling.

Payment and Settlement :

  • Meesho will handle customer payments on your behalf.
  • You’ll receive payments in your designated bank account after Meesho deducts its fees and commissions.

Fulfill Orders :

  • Ensure that you fulfill orders promptly and maintain a high level of customer service.

Monitor Performance :

  •  Keep track of your sales and customer feedback to improve your business.

What are the limitations of selling without a GST number on Meesho?

Selling on Meesho without a GST (Goods and Services Tax) number may have certain limitations:

Restricted Product Categories: You may be limited in the types of products you can sell. Many marketplaces, including Meesho, restrict certain categories of products to GST-registered sellers due to tax regulations. This could limit your product selection and sales potential.

Sales Volume Limitations: Meesho may impose sales volume limits on non-GST registered sellers. This means you may not be able to scale your business as quickly as GST-registered sellers.

Reduced Profit Margins: Without a GST number, you might not be able to claim Input Tax Credit (ITC) on your business expenses. This could lead to higher operational costs and reduced profit margins compared to GST-registered competitors.

Limited Access to Some Features: Some marketplace features or promotional opportunities may be reserved for GST-registered sellers, potentially limiting your ability to market and grow your business effectively.

Tax Compliance Challenges: Selling without a GST number may require you to manage your taxes differently. You’ll need to report your income appropriately in your income tax returns and comply with other tax regulations applicable to your business.

Inability to Sell Globally: If you plan to expand internationally, not having a GST number might limit your ability to sell in certain countries that require GST or similar tax registrations.

Can I sell internationally without a GST number?

If you think how to sell on meesho without gst number ? Then you are in right place. Yes, you can sell internationally without a GST (Goods and Services Tax) number, but there are several important considerations to keep in mind:

International Tax Laws: When selling internationally, you’ll need to comply with the tax laws and regulations of the target country. These laws may vary significantly from one country to another, so it’s crucial to research and understand the tax obligations specific to your international sales.

Import and Export Regulations: Different countries have import and export regulations that govern the movement of goods across borders. You may need to familiarize yourself with these regulations and ensure that you meet all the necessary customs requirements.

Duties and Tariffs: International shipments may be subject to customs duties, tariffs, and other import taxes. You should be prepared to handle the calculation and payment of these fees, which can vary depending on the product and destination country.

Currency Conversion: You’ll likely need to deal with currency conversion when conducting international transactions. Consider how you will handle exchange rates and currency conversion fees.

Shipping and Logistics: International shipping can be more complex than domestic shipping. You’ll need to choose reliable international shipping methods, understand shipping costs, and provide accurate shipping information to your customers.

Payment Processing: Consider the payment methods you’ll accept from international customers. Ensure that your payment processing methods can handle international transactions and currency conversions.

Market Research: Conduct market research to understand the demand for your products in international markets. Tailor your marketing and pricing strategies to suit the preferences and needs of customers in different regions.

How do I set up my Meesho seller account without a GST number?

You could set up a Meesho seller account without a GST (Goods and Services Tax) number for certain product categories that were exempt from GST. However, Meesho’s policies and requirements may have changed since then. To set up your Meesho seller account without a GST number, you can follow these general steps, and know the how to sell on meesho without gst number ?

Download the Meesho App: Start by downloading the Meesho app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

Registration: Open the app and sign up for a seller account if you haven’t already. You may need to provide basic information such as your name, mobile number, and email address.

Profile Information: Fill out your seller profile information. This includes details about your business, location, and the types of products you plan to sell.

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Product Selection: Choose the products you want to sell from the available categories. Make sure you select products that are exempt from GST if you don’t have a GST number.

Documentation: Meesho may require you to upload certain documents for identity verification. These documents may include your Aadhar card, PAN card, and bank account details. Follow the app’s instructions for document submission.

Listing Your Products: Create product listings for the items you intend to sell. Include clear images, descriptions, and competitive prices.

Payment Setup: Set up your preferred payment method for receiving payments from Meesho for the products you sell. This could be your bank account details.

Start Selling: Once your seller account is set up and verified, you can start listing and selling products on Meesho. Promote your products and interact with potential buyers.

Customer Service: Provide excellent customer service to build a positive reputation as a seller. Respond promptly to inquiries and address customer concerns.

Monitor Your Sales : Keep track of your sales, orders, and earnings through the Meesho seller dashboard.

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