Trademark Class 28 – Games, Sporting articles Decoration : Trademark Registration – Classification

Trademark registration is available for Goods and Services. Under Trademark Registration Process, goods and services are classified into 45 classes of Trademark.

Identifying the class of Trademark is very important before filing the application as registering a trademark or name under a trademark is used for goods and services under different classes, separate applications are required to be filed under each class to get protection of Trademark for the respective goods and services

Class 28

  • Games, toys and playthings;
  • Gymnastic and sporting articles not included in other classes;
  • Decorations for Christmas trees.

This Class Includes, in particular:

  • Fishing tackle;
  • Equipment for various sports and games.

This Class does not include, in particular:

  • Christmas tree candles (cl. 4);
  • Diving equipment (cl. 9);
  • Amusement apparatus adapted for use with television receivers only (cl. 9);
  • Electrical lamps (garlands) for Christmas trees (cl. 11);
  • Fishing nets (cl. 22);
  • Clothing for gymnastics and sports (cl. 25);
  • Confectionary and chocolate decorations for Christmas trees (cl. 30).

List of Products

List of products covered under the trademark class 28

1Abdomen protectors for athletic use
2Abdomen protectors for judo
3Abdomen protectors for karate
4Abdomen protectors for martial arts
5Abdomen protectors for sports
6Abdomen protectors for taekwondo
7Abdominal benches for exercise
8Abdominal boards for exercise
9Accessories for action figure toys
10Accessories for action figures
11Accessories for dolls
12Accessories for toy animals
13Accessories for toy buildings
14Accessories for toy trains
15Accessories for toy vehicles
16Acrylic screen protectors adapted for portable gaming devices
17Action figure accessories
18Action figure toys
19Action figures
20Action toys
21Action toys for cribs
22Aerobic step machines
23Aerobic steps
24Air pistols being toys
25Alpine skis
26American football blocking sleds
27American football gloves
28American football goals
29American footballs
30Ammunition for paintball guns
31Ammunition for paintball guns [sports apparatus]
32Amusement and game apparatus adapted for use with an external display screen or monitor
33Amusement apparatus adapted for use with an external display screen or monitor
34Amusement apparatus adapted for use with television receivers
35Amusement apparatus adapted for use with television receivers only
36Amusement apparatus for use in arcades
37Amusement apparatus for use with a television screen
38Amusement game machines
39Amusement machines, automatic and coin-operated
40Amusement park rides
41Animal attractant scents
42Animal attractant scents for hunting
43Ankle and wrist weights for exercise
44Ankle weights for exercise
45Apparatus for consumer games adapted for use with an external display screen or monitor
46Apparatus for electronic games adapted for use with an external display screen or monitor
47Apparatus for electronic games other than those adapted for use with an external display screen or monitor
48Apparatus for games
49Apparatus for games adapted for use with an external display screen or monitor
50Apparatus for games adapted for use with television receivers
51Apparatus for games other than those adapted for use with an external display screen or monitor
52Apparatus for performing magic tricks
53Apparatus for playing video games
54Apparatus for rhythmic gymnastics
55Apparatus for rhythmic sportive gymnastics
56Appliances for gymnastics
57Aquarium fish nets
58Arcade game machines
59Arcade video game machines
60Archery arm guards
61Archery arrow fletching
62Archery arrow points
63Archery arrow shafts
64Archery arrows
65Archery bow cases
66Archery bow stringers
67Archery bows
68Archery bowstrings
69Archery finger tabs
70Archery gauntlets
71Archery gloves
72Archery implements
73Archery quivers
74Archery targets
75Arm floats for swimming
76Arm guards for archery
77Arm guards for athletic use
78Arm guards for sports use
79Arm guards [sports articles]
80Arm pads for skateboarding
81Arm protectors for athletic use
82Arrow points for archery
83Arrow points for hunting
84Arrow shafts for archery
85Arrows for archery
86Articles of clothing for toys
87Artificial bait for fishing
88Artificial Christmas trees
89Artificial Christmas trees incorporating lights
90Artificial fishing bait
91Artificial fishing flies
92Artificial fishing worms
93Artificial flies for use in angling
94Artificial flies for use in fishing
95Artificial snow for Christmas trees
96Artificial worms for fishing
97Ascenders [mountaineering equipment]
98Asymmetric bars for gymnastics
99Automatic and coin-operated amusement machines
100Automatic mahjong tables
101Épées for fencing
102Babies’ toys
103Baby dolls
104Baby gyms
105Baby multiple activity toys
106Baby rattles
107Baby rattles incorporating teething rings
108Baby swings
109Baby swings for playgrounds
110Baby toys
111Backboards for basketball
112Backgammon games
113Badminton equipment
114Badminton nets
115Badminton racket strings
116Badminton rackets
117Badminton racquet strings
118Badminton racquets
119Badminton sets
120Badminton shuttlecocks
121Badminton uprights
122Bags adapted for baseball bats
123Bags adapted for bowling balls
124Bags adapted for field hockey sticks
125Bags adapted for fishing tackle
126Bags adapted for ice hockey sticks
127Bags adapted for lacrosse sticks
128Bags adapted for skateboards
129Bags adapted for skis
130Bags adapted for snowboards
131Bags adapted for softball bats
132Bags adapted for use with sporting equipment
133Bags especially designed for cricket equipment
134Bags especially designed for golf equipment
135Bags especially designed for hockey equipment
136Bags especially designed for skis
137Bags especially designed for skis and surfboards
138Bags especially designed for surfboards
139Bags for hockey sticks
140Bags specially adapted for hand-held video game apparatus
141Bags specially adapted for hand-held video game consoles
142Bags specially adapted for handheld video game apparatus
143Bags specially adapted for handheld video game consoles
144Bags specially adapted for ice hockey skates
145Bags specially adapted for ice skates
146Bags specially adapted for skates used in ice figure skating
147Bags specially adapted for sports equipment
148Bags specially adapted for video game consoles
149Bait bags for holding live bait
150Balance beams for gymnastics
151Ball pitching machines
153Balloons [party novelties]
154Balls for games
155Balls for juggling
156Balls for playing American football
157Balls for playing field hockey
158Balls for playing handball
159Balls for playing paddleball
160Balls for playing pétanque
161Balls for playing platform tennis
162Balls for playing racketball
163Balls for playing racquetball
164Balls for playing soccer
165Balls for racket sports
166Balls for racketball
167Balls for racquet sports
168Balls for racquetball
169Balls for rhythmic gymnastics
170Balls for rhythmic sportive gymnastics
171Balls for sports
172Bamboo swords for kendo
173Bar-bell shafts for weight lifting
175Bar-bells for weight lifting
176Barbell shafts for weight lifting
178Barbells for weight lifting
179Baseball and softball rubbing mud
180Baseball bases
181Baseball bat cases
182Baseball bats
183Baseball batting gloves
184Baseball batting tees
185Baseball gloves
186Baseball masks
187Baseball mitts
188Baseball pitching machines
189Baseball pitching screens
190Baseball practice nets
192Basketball backboards
193Basketball goals
194Basketball hoops
195Basketball nets
197Bath toys
198Bathtub toys
199Bats for games
200Battery operated action toys
201Battery-operated action toys
202Battery-powered computer games with LCD screens
203Batting gloves
204Batting gloves [accessories for games]
205Beach balls
206Bean bag animals
207Bean bag dolls
208Bean bag toys
209Beanbags being playthings
210Beanbags for playing otedama
211Beanbags in the form of playthings
212Beds for dolls
213Bells for Christmas trees
214Benches for gymnastic use
215Bendable toys
216Billiard ball triangles
217Billiard balls
218Billiard bridges
219Billiard bumpers
220Billiard cue bridges
221Billiard cue cases
222Billiard cue chalk
223Billiard cue chalk holders
224Billiard cue rests
225Billiard cue tips
226Billiard cues
227Billiard equipment
228Billiard markers
229Billiard table cushions
230Billiard tables
231Billiard tally balls
232Bindings for alpine skis
233Bindings for cross-country skis
234Bindings for skis
235Bindings for snowboards
236Bindings for water skis
237Bingo cards
238Bird calls [decoys]
239Bite indicators
240Bite indicators [fishing tackle]
241Bite sensors
242Bite sensors [fishing tackle]
243Bladders of balls for games
244Blade guards for ice skates
245Blades for ice hockey sticks
246Blades for ice skates
247Blocking dummies
248Blocking sleds for American football
249Board games
250Boards for playing Go games
251Boards for playing janggi [Korean chess]
253Bobble head dolls
254Bobblehead dolls
257Bocce balls
258Bocci balls
259Body boards
260Body protectors for American football
261Body protectors for athletic use
262Body protectors for sports use
263Body rehabilitation apparatus
264Body-building apparatus
265Body-training apparatus
266Bodyboard fins
269Bowling apparatus and machinery
270Bowling ball returns
271Bowling balls
272Bowling bumpers
273Bowling gloves
274Bowling machines
275Bowling pins
276Bowling pinsetters
277Bows for archery
278Bowstrings for archery
279Boxes for fishing flies
280Boxes for fishing flies [fishing articles]
281Boxes for fishing lures
282Boxes for fishing lures [fishing articles]
283Boxing bags
284Boxing gloves
285Boxing rings
286Bubble making wand and solution sets
287Bubble wand and solution sets
288Building blocks [toys]
289Building games
290Butterfly nets
291Cabinets for arcade video game machines
292Camouflage screens for hunting
293Camouflage screens for hunting purposes
294Camouflage screens [sports articles]
295Candle holders for Christmas trees
296Caps for pistols [toys]
297Caps for toy pistols
298Card games
299Carnival masks
300Carrying cases for water skis
301Carrying straps specially adapted for stand-up paddle boards
302Cases adapted for carrying baseball bats
303Cases for action figures
304Cases for archery arrows
305Cases for archery bows
306Cases for billiard cues
307Cases for fishing reels
308Cases for fishing rods
309Cases for play accessories
310Cases for playing cards
311Cases for pool cues
312Cases for snooker cues
313Cases for tennis balls
314Cases for toy structures
315Cases for toy vehicles
316Cases specially adapted for sports equipment
317Cat toys
318Catchers’ masks
319Catchers’ masks for baseball
320Catchers’ masks for softball
321Catchers’ mitts
322Catchers’ mitts for baseball
323Catchers’ mitts for softball
324Chains being toys
325Chalk for billiard cues
326Chalk for pool cues
327Chalk for snooker cues
328Checker boards
329Checker sets
331Checkers games
332Checkers pieces
333Checkers sets
334Checkers [games]
335Cheerleading pom-poms
336Chess games
337Chess pieces
338Chess sets
340Chest exercisers
341Chest expanders
342Chest expanders [exercisers]
343Chest pads for American football
344Chest protectors for athletic use
345Chest protectors for baseball
346Chest protectors for field hockey
347Chest protectors for ice hockey
348Chest protectors for sports use
349Children’s multiple activity tables [playthings]
350Children’s multiple activity toys
351Children’s play cosmetics of plastic
352Children’s playhouses
353Children’s playthings
354Children’s toys
355Chinese checkers games
356Chinese checkers pieces
357Chinese checkers [games]
358Chip markers for bingo
359Chips for gambling
360Christmas crackers
361Christmas crackers [party novelties]
362Christmas dolls
363Christmas stockings
364Christmas tree bells
365Christmas tree decorations
366Christmas tree decorations and ornaments
367Christmas tree decorations, except confectionery and electric Christmas lights
368Christmas tree decorations, except illumination articles and confectionery
369Christmas tree ornaments and decorations
370Christmas tree ornaments and decorations, except confectionery and electric Christmas tree lights
371Christmas tree ornaments incorporating a fire alarm function
372Christmas tree ornaments, except confectionery and electric Christmas tree lights
373Christmas tree ornaments, except illumination articles and confectionery
374Christmas tree skirts
375Christmas tree stand covers
376Christmas tree stands
377Christmas trees of synthetic material
378Claw crane game machines
379Clay pigeon traps
380Clay pigeons
381Clay pigeons [targets]
382Climbers’ harness
383Climbers’ harnesses
384Climbing frames
385Climbing frames [play equipment]
386Climbing harnesses
387Climbing walls
388Clockwork toys
389Clockwork toys made of metal
390Clockwork toys made of plastic
391Clockwork toys of metal
392Clockwork toys of plastics
393Clothes for dolls
394Clothes for traditional Japanese dolls
395Clothing accessories for dolls
396Clothing for dolls
397Clothing for teddy bears
398Clubs for juggling
399Clubs for rhythmic gymnastics
400Clubs for rhythmic sportive gymnastics
401Coin-operated amusement machines
402Coin-operated arcade video game machines
403Coin-operated billiard tables
404Coin-operated pinball machines
405Collapsible foam rollers
406Collectable toy figures
407Collectible toy figures
408Computer game joysticks
409Computerized video craps game tables
410Computerized video game tables for gaming
411Computerized video game tables for gaming purposes
412Computerized video table games for gaming
413Computerized video table games for gaming purposes
415Conical paper party hats
416Conjuring apparatus
417Construction toys
418Controllers and joysticks for video games
419Controllers for game consoles
420Controllers for toy cars
421Controllers for toy planes
422Controllers for toys
423Controllers for toys and game consoles
424Corner flags for playing fields
425Corner flags for sports fields
426Costume masks
427Costumes for dolls
428Costumes for toys
429Counters for games
430Counters for games [discs]
431Counters [discs] for games
432Covers specially adapted for artificial Christmas trees
433Craps tables [gaming equipment]
434Crêpe paper streamers [party novelties]
436Creels [fishing traps]
437Crepe paper streamers [party novelties]
438Crib mobiles [toys]
439Crib toys
440Cricket bags
441Cricket balls
442Cricket bats
443Cricket practice nets
444Croquet sets
445Cross-country skis
446Crossbows [sports articles]
447Cube-type puzzles
448Cuddly toys
449Cups for dice
450Curling brooms
451Curling brooms [sports articles]
452Curling brushes [sports articles]
453Curling stones
454Dart barrels
455Dart board cases
456Dart boards
457Dart carrying cases
458Dart cases
459Dart flights
460Dart games
461Dart point sharpeners
462Dart points
463Dart shafts
464Dart sharpeners
465Dart stems
466Dartboard cases
469Daruma dolls
470Deck grips for bodyboards
471Deck grips for paddle boards
472Deck grips for skateboards
473Deck grips for snowboards
474Deck grips for surfboards
475Decorations and ornaments for Christmas trees
476Decorations for Christmas trees
477Decorations for Christmas trees, except illumination articles and confectionery
478Decoys for hunting or fishing
479Deer attractants
480Deer lures
481Detonating caps [toys]
483Dice cups
484Dice games
486Discuses for field sports
487Discuses for sports
488Discuses [sporting articles]
489Disposable ticket sets for playing games of chance
490Diving fins
491Diving flippers
492Divot repair tools [golf accessories]
493Dog toys
494Doll accessories
495Doll beds
496Doll clothing
497Doll costumes
498Doll dresses
499Doll furniture
500Doll house furnishings
501Doll house furniture
502Doll houses
503Doll playsets
504Doll rooms
506Dolls associated with the Japanese Boys’ Festival and accessories therefor
507Dolls associated with the Japanese Girls’ Festival and accessories therefor
508Dolls for Hanukkah
509Dolls for Kwanza
510Dolls’ accessories
511Dolls’ beds
512Dolls’ clothes
513Dolls’ clothing
514Dolls’ clothing accessories
515Dolls’ costumes
516Dolls’ dresses
517Dolls’ feeding bottles
518Dolls’ furniture
519Dolls’ headgear
520Dolls’ houses
521Dolls’ rooms
522Dolls’ shoes
525Doorway pull-up bars
526Draught boards
528Draughts pieces
529Draughts sets
530Draughts [games]
532Dresses for dolls
533Driving practice mats [golf articles]
534Drones [toys]
535Duck blinds [sports articles]
536Dumb-bell sets
537Dumb-bell shafts for weight lifting
539Dumb-bells for weight lifting
540Dumbbell sets
541Dumbbell shafts for weight lifting
543Dumbbells for weight lifting
544Edges for skis
545Edges of skis
546Educational toys
547Educational toys for babies
548Educational toys for infants
549Elbow guards for athletic use
550Elbow guards for skateboarding
551Elbow guards for sports use
552Elbow guards [sports articles]
553Elbow pads for American football
554Elbow pads for athletic use
555Elbow pads for skateboarding
556Elbow pads for sports use
557Electric action toys
558Electrical stimulation belts for strengthening abdominal muscles, other than for medical or therapeutic purposes
559Electronic action toys
560Electronic and electro-mechanical gaming tables with video output
561Electronic and electromechanical gaming tables with video output
562Electronic bingo machines [gaming machines]
563Electronic dart games
564Electronic educational game machines for children
565Electronic game equipment with a watch function
566Electronic games apparatus
567Electronic games consoles adapted for use with an external display screen or monitor
568Electronic hand-held game units
569Electronic handheld game units
570Electronic targets
571Electronic targets for games and sports
572Electronic toys
573Elliptical exercise machines
574Equipment for playing outdoor games
575Equipment for playing pool
576Exercise balls
577Exercise bars
578Exercise benches
579Exercise equipment
580Exercise equipment, other than for medical rehabilitative purposes
581Exercise equipment, other than for physical therapy purposes
582Exercise machines
583Exercise platforms
584Exercise pucks in foam or gel form enclosed in a specially adapted case
585Exercise pucks in the nature of an encased foam or gel
586Exercise pulleys
587Exercise trampolines
588Exercise treadmills
589Exercise weights
590Exercisers [expanders]
591Face guards for athletic use
592Face guards for sports use
593Face guards [sports articles]
594Face masks being playthings
595Face masks for cyclists
596Face masks for sports
597Face masks for sports, other than for diving
598Fairground ride apparatus
599Fantasy character toys
600Feeding bottles for dolls
601Fencing equipment
602Fencing foils
603Fencing gauntlets
604Fencing gloves
605Fencing masks
606Fencing weapons
607Field hockey balls
608Field hockey gloves
609Field hockey goal nets
610Field hockey goalkeeper pads
611Field hockey goals
612Field hockey sticks
613Finger puppets
614Finger skateboards
615Finger tabs for archery
617Fingerboards [skateboards]
618Fins for body boards
619Fins for bodyboards
620Fins for sailboards
621Fins for surfboards
622Fins for windsurf boards
623Fins for windsurfing boards
624Firearm targets
625First baseman’s mitts
626Fish attractants
627Fish hook removers [fishing tackle]
628Fish hooks
629Fishing buoys for anglers
630Fishing creels
631Fishing flies
632Fishing floats
633Fishing fly boxes
634Fishing fly boxes [fishing articles]
635Fishing harnesses
636Fishing hooks
637Fishing leaders
638Fishing lines
639Fishing lure boxes
640Fishing lure boxes [fishing articles]
641Fishing lures
642Fishing plugs
643Fishing poles
644Fishing reel cases
645Fishing reel seats
646Fishing reels
647Fishing rod cases
648Fishing rod handles
649Fishing rod holders
650Fishing rod rests
651Fishing rod supports
652Fishing rods
653Fishing sinkers
654Fishing spinners
655Fishing tackle
656Fishing tackle boxes
657Fishing tackle boxes [fishing articles]
658Fishing tippets
659Fishing weights
660Fitness machines and apparatus
661Fitted covers for golf bag carts
662Fitted covers for golf bag carts used to protect against hail damage
663Fitted covers for golf bag trolleys
664Fitted covers for golf bag trolleys used to protect against hail damage
665Fitted covers for motorized golf bag carts
666Fitted covers for motorized golf bag carts used to protect against hail damage
667Fitted covers for motorized golf bag trolleys
668Fitted covers for motorized golf bag trolleys used to protect against hail damage
669Fitted covers for non-motorized golf bag carts
670Fitted covers for non-motorized golf bag carts used to protect against hail damage
671Fitted covers for non-motorized golf bag trolleys
672Fitted covers for non-motorized golf bag trolleys used to protect against hail damage
673Fitted covers specially adapted for game consoles
674Fitted covers specially adapted to protect video game consoles for use with an external display screen or monitor
675Fitted protective covers for swing sets
676Fitted protective covers specially adapted for golf clubs
677Fitted protective covers specially adapted for skis
678Fitted protective covers specially adapted for tennis rackets
679Fitted protective covers specially adapted for tennis racquets
680Fletching for archery arrows
681Flippers for diving
682Flippers for scuba diving
683Flippers for swimming
684Floats for fishing
685Floats for swimming
686Flutter boards
687Flutter boards for swimming
688Flying discs [toys]
689Foam floats for swimming
690Foam swimming floats
691Focus mitts for boxing
692Focus mitts for martial arts
693Focus pads for boxing
694Focus pads for martial arts
695Foils for fencing
696Foosball tables
697Foot straps for sailboards
698Foot straps for windsurf boards
699Foot straps for windsurfing boards
700Footballs [American football]
701Footballs [soccer]
702Four-wheeled toy vehicles
703Free weights for physical exercise
704Free-standing video games apparatus
705Furnishings for doll houses
706Furnishings for dolls’ houses
707Furniture for doll houses
708Furniture for dolls
709Furniture for dolls’ houses
710Gag toys for playing jokes
711Gambling chips
712Game apparatus adapted for use with an external display screen or monitor
713Game consoles
714Game controllers in the nature of keyboards specially adapted for playing video games
715Game machines and apparatus
716Gamepads for use with electronic games
717Gamepads for use with game consoles
718Gamepads for video games
720Games *
721Games and playthings
722Games apparatus adapted for use with television receivers
723Games, toys and playthings
724Gaming chips
725Gaming consoles
726Gaming headsets specially adapted for use in playing video games
727Gaming keypad
728Gaming keypads
729Gaming machines featuring a device that accepts wagers
730Gaming machines for gambling
731Gaming machines that generate or display wager outcomes
732Gaming machines [calibrated pay-out gambling machines]
733Gaming mice
734Gaming mice specially adapted for playing video games
735Gaming mouse
736Gaming tables
737Gauntlets for archery
738Gauntlets for fencing
739Girdles for American football
740Gloves for American football
741Gloves for archery
742Gloves for football [soccer] goalkeepers
743Gloves for games
744Gloves for soccer goalkeepers
745Gloves for water-skiing
746Go board games
747Go boards
748Goals for American football
749Goals for field hockey
750Goals for ice hockey
751Goals for soccer
752Goke pots [pots for stone pieces used in Go games]
753Golf bag carts
754Golf bag straps
755Golf bag tags
756Golf bag tags made of leather
757Golf bag tags made of metal
758Golf bag tags made of plastic
759Golf bag tags made of precious metal
760Golf bag tags of leather
761Golf bag tags of metal
762Golf bag tags of plastic
763Golf bag tags of precious metal
764Golf bag trolleys
765Golf bags
766Golf bags, with or without wheels
767Golf ball markers
768Golf ball retrievers
769Golf balls
770Golf club grips
771Golf club heads
772Golf club shafts
773Golf clubs
774Golf equipment
775Golf flags [sports articles]
776Golf gloves
777Golf irons
778Golf practice nets
779Golf putters
780Golf tee bags
781Golf tees
782Golf trolleys, motorized
783Golf trolleys, non-motorized
784Grip bands for badminton rackets
785Grip bands for badminton racquets
786Grip bands for rackets
787Grip bands for racquets
788Grip bands for squash rackets
789Grip bands for squash racquets
790Grip bands for table tennis bats
791Grip bands for table tennis paddles
792Grip bands for table tennis rackets
793Grip bands for tennis rackets
794Grip bands for tennis racquets
795Grip tapes for badminton rackets
796Grip tapes for badminton racquets
797Grip tapes for baseball bats
798Grip tapes for golf clubs
799Grip tapes for rackets
800Grip tapes for racquets
801Grip tapes for squash rackets
802Grip tapes for squash racquets
803Grip tapes for table tennis bats
804Grip tapes for table tennis paddles
805Grip tapes for table tennis rackets
806Grip tapes for tennis rackets
807Grip tapes for tennis racquets
808Grips for badminton rackets
809Grips for badminton racquets
810Grips for golf clubs
811Grips for rackets
812Grips for racquets
813Grips for squash rackets
814Grips for squash racquets
815Grips for table tennis bats
816Grips for table tennis paddles
817Grips for table tennis rackets
818Grips for tennis rackets
819Grips for tennis racquets
820Guitar skins for electronic guitar game controllers
821Gut for badminton rackets
822Gut for badminton racquets
823Gut for fishing
824Gut for rackets
825Gut for racquets
826Gut for tennis rackets
827Gut for tennis racquets
828Gym balls for yoga
829Gymnastic and sporting articles
830Gymnastic apparatus
831Gymnastic articles
832Gymnastic benches
833Gyroscopes and flight stabilizers for model aircraft
834Halloween masks
835Hammers for field sports
836Hanafuda playing cards
837Hanafuda playing cards [Japanese card game]
838Hanafuda [Japanese playing cards]
839Hand held units for playing electronic games other than those adapted for use with an external display screen or monitor
840Hand held units for playing video games
841Hand held units for playing video games other than those adapted for use with an external display screen or monitor
842Hand pads for athletic use
843Hand pads for sports use
844Hand puppets
845Hand wraps for athletic use
846Hand wraps for sports use
847Hand-held apparatus for electronic games
848Hand-held consoles for playing video games
849Hand-held electronic game units adapted for use with an external display screen or monitor
850Hand-held electronic games
851Hand-held electronic games adapted for use with television receivers only
852Hand-held electronic video games
853Hand-held fishing nets
854Hand-held game consoles
855Hand-held games with liquid crystal displays
856Hand-held joystick units for playing video games
857Hand-held units for playing electronic games
858Hand-held units for playing electronic games for use with an external display screen or monitor
859Hand-held units for playing electronic games, other than those adapted for use with an external display screen or monitor
860Hand-held units for playing video games
861Hand-held units for playing video games, other than those adapted for use with an external display screen or monitor
862Hand-held video game apparatus
863Hand-held video game consoles
864Hand-held, non-electronic skill games
865Handball gloves
867Handcuffs being toys
868Handheld electronic games
869Handheld electronic games adapted for use with television receivers only
870Handheld electronic video games
871Handheld fishing nets
872Handheld game consoles
873Handheld games with liquid crystal displays
874Handheld non-electronic skill games
875Handheld units for playing electronic games
876Handheld units for playing electronic games, other than those adapted for use with an external display screen or monitor
877Handheld units for playing video games
878Handheld units for playing video games, other than those adapted for use with an external display screen or monitor
879Handheld video game apparatus
880Handheld video game consoles
881Handles for fishing rods
882Hang gliders
883Hangers for Christmas tree ornaments
884Harness for sailboards
885Harness for windsurf boards
886Harness for windsurfing boards
887Harpoon guns [sports articles]
888Head covers for badminton rackets
889Head covers for badminton racquets
890Head covers for golf clubs
891Head covers for squash rackets
892Head covers for squash racquets
893Head covers for table tennis bats
894Head covers for table tennis paddles
895Head covers for table tennis rackets
896Head covers for tennis rackets
897Head covers for tennis racquets
898Headgear for dolls
899Hexacopters [toys]
900High bars for gymnastics
901Hockey skates
902Hockey stick bags
903Hockey sticks
904Holders for billiard cue chalk
905Holders for fishing rods
906Holders for pool cue chalk
907Holders for snooker cue chalk
908Holders specially adapted for lottery tickets
909Home plates [sports articles]
910Hooks for Christmas tree ornaments
911Hooks for fishing
912Hoops for children
913Hoops for exercise
914Hoops for rhythmic gymnastics
915Hoops for rhythmic sportive gymnastics
916Horizontal bars for gymnastics
917Horseshoe games
918Human scent camouflage for hunting
919Hunting arrow points
920Hunting blinds [sports articles]
921Hunting bows
922Hunting game calls
923Hunting lures
924Hunting stands [sports articles]
925Hunting tackle
926Hurdles for track sports
927Hurdles for use in athletics
928Hwatu [Korean playing cards]
929Ice fishing strike indicators
930Ice hockey gloves
931Ice hockey goal nets
932Ice hockey goalkeeper pads
933Ice hockey goals
934Ice hockey pucks
935Ice hockey skate bags
936Ice hockey skates
937Ice hockey stick blades
938Ice hockey stick shafts
939Ice hockey sticks
940Ice skate bags
941Ice skate blade guards
942Ice skate blades
943Ice skate guards
944Ice skates
945In-line roller skates
946In-line skates
947Infant development toys
948Infant rattles
949Infant swings
950Infant swings for playgrounds
951Infant toys
952Infants’ toys
953Inflatable armbands for swimming
954Inflatable bath toys
955Inflatable beach balls
956Inflatable bop bags
957Inflatable fishing float tubes
958Inflatable float hammocks for recreational use in water
959Inflatable float mattresses or pads for recreational use
960Inflatable float tubes for fishing
961Inflatable floats for swimming
962Inflatable games for swimming pools
963Inflatable pool toys
964Inflatable pools for recreational use
965Inflatable ride-on toys
966Inflatable swimming floats
967Inflatable swimming pools [play articles]
968Inflatable toys
969Interactive floor pads for controlling video games
970Interactive remote control units for video games
972Japanese archery bows
973Javelins for field sports
974Jigsaw puzzles
976Jockstraps for athletic purposes
977Jockstraps with built-in protective cups for sports purposes
978Jockstraps with built-in protective cups for sports use
979Jockstraps with built-in protective shells for sports purposes
980Jockstraps with built-in protective shells for sports use
981Jockstraps [athletic supporters]
982Joypads for use with electronic games
983Joypads for use with game consoles
984Joypads for video games
985Joysticks for computer games
986Joysticks for video games
987Juggling balls
988Juggling clubs
989Juggling diabolos
990Juggling equipment
991Juggling sticks
992Jump ropes
993Jungle gyms
994Jungle gyms [play equipment]
996Karate focus pads
997Karate gloves
998Karate kick pads
999Karate kick shields
1000Karate shin pads
1001Karate target pads
1002Karuta playing cards
1003Karuta playing cards [Japanese card game]
1004Kendo bamboo swords
1005Kendo masks
1006Kendo plastrons
1007Keno cards
1009Keyboards for video game consoles
1010Kick board flotation devices for recreational use
1011Kick boards [floats] for swimming
1012Kick pads for martial arts
1013Kick shields for martial arts
1014Kickboard flotation devices for recreational use
1015Kickboards for swimming
1016Kicking tees
1017Kite handles
1018Kite lines
1019Kite reels
1020Kite strings
1021Kite tails
1024Knee guards for athletic use
1025Knee guards for sports use
1026Knee guards [sports articles]
1027Knee pads for American football
1028Knee pads for athletic use
1029Knee pads for skateboarding
1030Knee pads for soccer
1031Knee pads for sports use
1033Kokeshi dolls
1034Koma [wooden pieces for shogi games]
1035Lacrosse balls
1036Lacrosse gloves
1037Lacrosse stick strings
1038Lacrosse sticks
1039Landing nets for anglers
1040Landing nets for fishing
1041Launchers for clay pigeons
1042Leashes for sailboards
1043Leashes for surfboards
1044Leashes for windsurf boards
1045Leashes for windsurfing boards
1046Leather golf bag tags
1047Leg guards for athletic use
1048Leg guards for sports use
1049Leg guards [sports articles]
1050Leg pads for American football
1051Leg weights for exercise
1052Leg weights for exercising
1053Leg weights for sports training
1054Leg weights [sports articles]
1055Lever action toys
1056Lottery tickets
1057Lottery tickets being raffle tickets
1058Lottery wheels
1059Lures for fishing
1060Lures for hunting
1061Lures for hunting or fishing
1062Machines and apparatus for physical exercise
1063Machines for physical exercises
1064Machines for playing games of chance
1065Magnetic dart games
1066Mah jong games
1069Mah-jongg games
1070Manipulative games
1071Manipulative puzzles
1072Manually operated exercise equipment
1073Marbles for games
1075Markers for golf balls
1076Martial arts training equipment
1077Masks [playthings]
1078Masquerade masks
1079Masts for sailboards
1080Masts for windsurf boards
1081Masts for windsurfing boards
1082Matryoshka dolls
1083Matryoshka dolls [Russian nesting dolls of wood]
1084Matryoshka dolls [wooden nested Russian dolls]
1085Mechanical action toys
1086Mechanical toys
1087Memory games
1088Men’s athletic supporters [sports articles]
1089Menashi-daruma [bodhidharma dolls without pupils]
1090Metal clockwork toys
1091Metal golf bag tags
1092Mobiles for children
1093Model aeroplanes
1094Model aircraft
1095Model airplanes
1096Model cars
1097Model toy steam engines
1098Modular construction toys
1099Molded toy figures
1100Monkey bars
1102Mosaic puzzles
1103Motion controllers for computer and video games
1104Motorized golf bag carts
1105Motorized golf bag trolleys
1106Motorized golf trolleys
1107Moulded toy figures
1108Mouse for video game consoles
1109Multiple activity toys for babies
1110Multiple activity toys for children
1111Musical Christmas tree ornaments
1112Musical toys
1113Needles for pumps for inflating balls for games
1114Needles for pumps for inflating sports balls
1116Nets for badminton
1117Nets for ball games
1118Nets for billiard table pockets
1119Nets for billiard tables
1120Nets for field hockey goals
1121Nets for ice hockey goals
1122Nets for pool table pockets
1123Nets for pool tables
1124Nets for snooker table pockets
1125Nets for snooker tables
1126Nets for soccer goals
1127Nets for sports
1129Non-medicated topically applied cream for improving hand grip in indoor and outdoor rock climbing
1130Non-medicated topically applied cream for improving hand grip in sports activities
1131Non-medicated topically applied ointment or gel for improving hand grip in sports activities
1132Non-motorized golf bag carts
1133Non-motorized golf bag trolleys
1134Non-motorized golf trolleys
1135Non-telescopic bow sights for archery
1136Novelties for parties
1137Novelty face masks
1138Novelty fake teeth
1139Novelty masks
1140Novelty noise makers for use as pranks and gags
1141Novelty sound makers for use as pranks and gags
1142Novelty toys for parties
1143Novelty toys for playing jokes
1144Novelty whoopee cushions
1145Omni wheels [toy robots]
1146Open bow sights for archery
1147Ornament hooks for Christmas trees
1148Ornaments and decorations for Christmas trees
1149Ornaments for Christmas trees incorporating a fire alarm function
1150Ornaments for Christmas trees, except illumination articles and confectionery
1151Ornaments for Christmas trees, except lights, candles and confectionery
1152Osuwari dolls [dolls in sitting position]
1153Outdoor play equipment
1154Outdoor playhouses
1155Outdoor toys
1156Overgrips for badminton rackets
1157Overgrips for badminton racquets
1158Overgrips for rackets
1159Overgrips for racquets
1160Overgrips for squash rackets
1161Overgrips for squash racquets
1162Overgrips for table tennis bats
1163Overgrips for table tennis paddles
1164Overgrips for table tennis rackets
1165Overgrips for tennis rackets
1166Overgrips for tennis racquets
1167Pachinko machines
1169Paddle board fins
1170Paddleball paddles
1172Paddleboard fins
1174Paddles for playing paddleball
1175Paddles for playing platform tennis
1176Padel racquets
1177Pads for field hockey goalkeepers
1178Pads for ice hockey goalkeepers
1179Paintball guns [sports apparatus]
1181Paintballs [ammunition for paintball guns]
1182Paintballs [ammunition for paintball guns] [sports apparatus]
1183Paintballs [sports apparatus]
1184Palm protectors for athletic use
1185Paper dolls
1186Paper face masks [novelty items]
1187Paper party favors
1188Paper party favours
1189Paper party hats
1190Paper streamers [party novelties]
1191Parafoil kites
1193Parallel bars for gymnastics
1194Parlor games
1195Parlour games
1196Party blowers
1197Party blowouts
1198Party favor hats
1199Party favors
1200Party favors in the nature of crackers
1201Party favors in the nature of noisemakers
1202Party favors in the nature of small toys
1203Party favour hats
1204Party favours
1205Party favours in the nature of crackers
1206Party favours in the nature of noisemakers
1207Party favours in the nature of small toys
1208Party novelties
1209Party poppers
1210Party poppers [party novelties]
1211Party streamers
1212Pétanque balls
1213Percussion caps being toys
1214Percussion caps [toys]
1215Pet toys
1216Pet toys containing catnip
1217Pet toys made of rope
1218Petanque balls
1219Physical exercise apparatus, other than for medical purposes
1220Physical exercise apparatus, other than for medical use
1221Physical exercise machines
1223Pichkari (Water gun)
1224Pieces for playing Chinese checkers
1225Pieces for playing janggi [Korean chess]
1227Pinball games
1228Pinball machines
1229Pitch mark repair tools [golf accessories]
1230Pitchers’ plates
1231Pitchers’ plates for baseball
1232Pitchers’ plates for softball
1233Plastic bath toys
1234Plastic character toys
1235Plastic clockwork toys
1236Plastic golf bag tags
1237Plastic party hats
1238Plastic race tracks [toys]
1239Plastic screen protectors adapted for portable gaming devices
1240Plastic toy figurines
1241Plastic toys
1242Plastic toys for use in the bath
1243Plastic worms for use as fishing lures
1244Platform tennis balls
1245Platform tennis nets
1246Platform tennis paddles
1247Play balloons
1248Play figures
1249Play mats for the purpose of putting together puzzles
1250Play mats for use with toy vehicles [playthings]
1251Play mats incorporating infant toys [playthings]
1252Play money
1253Play tents
1254Play tunnels
1255Play wands
1256Playground balls
1257Playground sand boxes
1258Playground sandboxes
1259Playground slides
1260Playhouses for children
1261Playing balls
1262Playing card cases
1263Playing card shuffling devices
1264Playing card shuffling machines
1265Playing cards
1266Playing cards for use in magic tricks
1267Playset buildings
1268Playsets for action figures
1269Playsets for dolls
1271Playthings for children
1272Plush dolls
1273Plush toys
1274Plush toys with attached comfort blanket
1275Plyometric boxes for exercise
1276Plyometric boxes for exercising
1277Pocket-sized apparatus for playing video games
1278Pogs [playthings]
1279Poker chips
1280Poker chips [gaming equipment]
1281Pole covers and protective elements of rubber, foam and plastic for gymnastic equipment
1282Poles for fishing
1283Poles for pole vaulting
1284Polo balls
1285Polo mallets
1286Pom-poms for cheerleading
1287Pommel horses for gymnastics
1288Pool ball triangles
1289Pool balls
1290Pool bridges
1291Pool bumpers
1292Pool cue bridges
1293Pool cue cases
1294Pool cue chalk
1295Pool cue chalk holders
1296Pool cue rests
1297Pool cue tips
1298Pool cues
1299Pool rests
1300Pool table cushions
1301Pool tables
1302Pool tally balls
1303Pop up toys
1304Pop-up toys
1305Porcelain dolls
1306Portable games and toys incorporating telecommunication functions
1307Portable games incorporating telecommunication functions
1308Portable games with liquid crystal displays
1309Portable toys incorporating telecommunication functions
1310Positionable toy figures
1311Practical joke novelty toys
1312Practice nets for baseball
1313Practice nets for cricket
1314Practice nets for golf
1315Practice pucks in foam or gel form enclosed in a specially adapted case
1316Practice pucks in the nature of an encased foam or gel
1317Pre-lit artificial Christmas trees
1318Precious metal golf bag tags
1319Printed lottery tickets
1320Protective bumpers of rubber, foam and plastic for gymnastic equipment
1321Protective carrying cases specially adapted for hand-held video game apparatus
1322Protective carrying cases specially adapted for handheld video game apparatus
1323Protective carrying cases specially adapted for handheld video games
1324Protective carrying cases specially adapted for video game consoles for use with an external display screen or monitor
1325Protective covers for rackets
1326Protective covers for racquets
1327Protective cups for sports
1328Protective films adapted for portable games with liquid crystal displays
1329Protective films adapted for screens for portable games
1330Protective padding for playing sports
1331Protective padding for skateboarding
1332Protective padding for snowboarding
1333Protective paddings being parts of sports suits
1334Protective paddings [parts of sports suits]
1335Protective pads for use in sports
1336Pucks for playing ice hockey
1337Pull toys
1338Pull-along toy cars
1339Pull-along toy vehicles
1340Pull-along toys
1341Pumps for inflating balls for sports
1342Pumps for inflating sports balls
1343Pumps specially adapted for use with balls for games
1344Punching bags
1345Punching bags for boxing
1346Punching balls for boxing
1347Punching toys
1348Puppet theaters [playthings]
1349Puppet theatres [playthings]
1351Push toys
1352Putting practice mats [golf articles]
1354Quivers for archery
1356Race tracks [toys]
1357Racing lanes for swimming pools
1358Racketball equipment
1359Racketball gloves
1360Racketball nets
1361Racketball racket strings
1362Racketball rackets
1364Racquet balls
1365Racquetball equipment
1366Racquetball gloves
1367Racquetball nets
1368Racquetball racket strings
1369Racquetball rackets
1370Racquetball racquet strings
1371Racquetball racquets
1374Radio-controlled miniature aerial targets for sports
1375Radio-controlled model vehicles
1376Radio-controlled scale model vehicles
1377Radio-controlled toy aeroplanes
1378Radio-controlled toy airplanes
1379Radio-controlled toy automobiles
1380Radio-controlled toy boats
1381Radio-controlled toy cars
1382Radio-controlled toy helicopters
1383Radio-controlled toy racing cars
1384Radio-controlled toy vehicles
1385Radio-controlled toys
1386Raffle tickets
1387Rag dolls
1389Rattles for babies
1390Rattles for infants
1391Rattles [playthings]
1392Recreational water propulsion unit for attachment to a personal watercraft
1393Reel seats
1394Reels for fishing
1395Relay batons
1396Remote controls for operating scale model vehicles
1397Remote controls for operating toys in the form of vehicles
1398Remote controls for toys
1399Remote-controlled miniature aerial targets for sports
1400Remote-controlled model vehicles
1401Remote-controlled scale model vehicles
1402Remote-controlled toy aeroplanes
1403Remote-controlled toy airplanes
1404Remote-controlled toy automobiles
1405Remote-controlled toy boats
1406Remote-controlled toy cars
1407Remote-controlled toy helicopters
1408Remote-controlled toy racing cars
1409Remote-controlled toy robots
1410Remote-controlled toy vehicles
1411Remote-controlled toys
1412Resistance machines for exercise
1413Restraint straps for body boards
1414Restraint straps for bodyboards
1415Rhythmic gymnastics ribbons
1416Ribbons for rhythmic gymnastics
1417Ribbons for rhythmic sportive gymnastics
1418Ribbons specially adapted for rhythmic sportive gymnastics
1419Ride-on toy cars
1420Ride-on toys
1421Ring games
1422Rings for gymnastics
1423Rocking horses
1424Rods for fishing
1425Role playing games
1426Roller skates
1427Roller skis
1429Rollers for stationary exercise bicycles
1430Rooms for dolls
1431Ropes for rhythmic gymnastics
1432Ropes for rhythmic sportive gymnastics
1433Rosin used by athletes
1434Roulette chips
1435Roulette tables
1436Roulette wheels
1437Rowing machines
1438Rubber balls
1439Rubber baseballs
1440Rubber character toys
1441Rubber ducks
1442Rubber toys
1443Rugby balls
1444Sabers for fencing
1445Sabers [fencing weapons]
1446Sabres for fencing
1447Sabres [fencing weapons]
1448Safety padding for badminton uprights
1449Safety padding for tennis uprights
1450Safety padding for volleyball uprights
1451Sail board foot straps
1452Sail board leashes
1453Sail boards
1454Sailboard fins
1455Sailboard foot straps
1456Sailboard leashes
1457Sailboard masts
1459Sailboards incorporating sails
1460Sand toys
1461Sandbox toys
1462Sandboxes [playthings]
1463Sandboxes [sporting articles]
1464Scale model aeroplanes
1465Scale model aircraft
1466Scale model airplanes
1467Scale model bicycles being playthings
1468Scale model boats
1469Scale model buildings [toys]
1470Scale model cars
1471Scale model cars [playthings]
1472Scale model cars [toys]
1473Scale model figures
1474Scale model figures [toys]
1475Scale model kits [toys]
1476Scale model motorboats
1477Scale model pit crews
1478Scale model racing cars
1479Scale model racing drivers
1480Scale model racing vehicles
1481Scale model structures [toys]
1482Scale model vegetation
1483Scale model vegetation [toys]
1484Scale model vehicles
1485Scale models
1486Scale-model vehicles
1487Scent lures for fishing
1488Scent lures for hunting
1489Scent lures for hunting or fishing
1490Scooters [toys]
1491Scratch cards for playing lottery games
1492Screen protectors made of polyethylene terephthalate [PET] specially adapted for electronic hand-held electronic video games
1493Screen protectors made of polyethylene terephthalate [PET] specially adapted for electronic hand-held game units
1494Screen protectors made of polyethylene terephthalate [PET] specially adapted for electronic hand-held video game apparatus
1495Screen protectors made of polyethylene terephthalate [PET] specially adapted for hand-held electronic games
1496Screen protectors made of polyethylene terephthalate [PET] specially adapted for hand-held game consoles
1497Screen protectors made of polyethylene terephthalate [PET] specially adapted for hand-held game devices
1498Screen protectors made of tempered glass specially adapted for electronic hand-held electronic video games
1499Screen protectors made of tempered glass specially adapted for electronic hand-held game units
1500Screen protectors made of tempered glass specially adapted for electronic hand-held video game apparatus
1501Screen protectors made of tempered glass specially adapted for hand-held electronic games
1502Screen protectors made of tempered glass specially adapted for hand-held game consoles
1503Screen protectors made of tempered glass specially adapted for hand-held game devices
1504Screen protectors made of thermoplastic polyurethane [TPU] specially adapted for electronic hand-held electronic video games
1505Screen protectors made of thermoplastic polyurethane [TPU] specially adapted for electronic hand-held game units
1506Screen protectors made of thermoplastic polyurethane [TPU] specially adapted for electronic hand-held video game apparatus
1507Screen protectors made of thermoplastic polyurethane [TPU] specially adapted for hand-held electronic games
1508Screen protectors made of thermoplastic polyurethane [TPU] specially adapted for hand-held game consoles
1509Screen protectors made of thermoplastic polyurethane [TPU] specially adapted for hand-held game devices
1510Scuba fins
1511Scuba flippers
1512Seal skins [coverings for skis]
1515Shafts for golf clubs
1516Shafts for ice hockey sticks
1517Shaped covers for badminton rackets
1518Shaped covers for badminton racquets
1519Shaped covers for golf bags
1520Shaped covers for golf club heads
1521Shaped covers for golf clubs
1522Shaped covers for golf putters
1523Shaped covers for racketball rackets
1524Shaped covers for racquetball rackets
1525Shaped covers for racquetball racquets
1526Shaped covers for ski bindings
1527Shaped covers for skis
1528Shaped covers for squash rackets
1529Shaped covers for squash racquets
1530Shaped covers for table tennis bats
1531Shaped covers for table tennis paddles
1532Shaped covers for table tennis rackets
1533Shaped covers for tennis rackets
1534Shaped covers for tennis racquets
1535Shin guards for athletic use
1536Shin guards for sports use
1537Shin guards [sports articles]
1538Shin pads for athletic use
1539Shin pads for martial arts
1540Shin pads for sports use
1541Shin pads for use in sports
1542Shoes for dolls
1543Shogi boards
1544Shogi games [Japanese chess]
1545Shot puts
1546Shot puts for field sports
1547Shoulder pads for American football
1548Shoulder pads for athletic use
1549Shoulder pads for sports use
1551Shuttlecocks for badminton
1552Skateboard decks
1553Skateboard grip tapes
1554Skateboard paddles
1555Skateboard rails
1556Skateboard riser pads
1557Skateboard trucks
1558Skateboard wheels
1560Skating boots with skates attached
1561Skeleton sleds
1562Sketching toys
1563Ski bindings
1564Ski brakes
1565Ski edges
1566Ski poles
1567Ski poles for roller skis
1568Ski sticks
1569Ski sticks for roller skis
1571Skim boards
1573Skipping ropes
1576Skittles [games]
1577Skydiving gloves
1578Sledges for use in downhill amusement rides
1579Sledges [playthings]
1580Sleds for use in downhill amusement rides
1581Sleds [sports articles]
1583Slides [playthings]
1584Sling shots
1585Sling shots [sports articles]
1587Slingshots [sports articles]
1588Slot machines [gaming machines]
1589Smart electronic toy vehicles
1590Smart plush toys
1591Smart robot toys
1592Smart robotic toys
1593Smart toy robots
1594Smart toys
1595Snooker ball triangles
1596Snooker balls
1597Snooker bridges
1598Snooker cue bridges
1599Snooker cue cases
1600Snooker cue chalk
1601Snooker cue chalk holders
1602Snooker cue rests
1603Snooker cue tips
1604Snooker cues
1605Snooker equipment
1606Snooker rests
1607Snooker table cushions
1608Snooker tables
1609Snow boards
1610Snow globes
1611Snow saucers
1612Snow skis
1613Snow sledges for recreational use
1614Snow sleds for recreational use
1615Snowboard bindings
1616Snowboard decks
1619Soap bubbles [toys]
1620Soccer balls
1621Soccer goal nets
1622Soccer goalkeepers’ gloves
1623Soccer goals
1624Soccer knee pads
1625Soft dolls
1626Soft sculpture dolls
1627Soft sculpture plush toys
1628Soft sculpture toys
1629Soft tennis balls
1630Soft toys
1631Soft toys in the form of animals
1632Soft toys in the form of bears
1633Soft toys in the form of birds
1634Softball bats
1635Softball gloves
1636Softball mitts
1638Sole coverings for skis
1639Spinning tops
1640Spinning tops [toys]
1641Spoon lures for fishing
1642Sporting articles
1643Sports balls
1644Sports equipment
1645Sports gloves
1646Spring bars for exercise
1647Spring bars for exercising
1648Spring boards
1649Spring boards [sporting articles]
1650Spring boards [sports articles]
1651Spring-activated spearguns [sports articles]
1653Springboards for gymnastics
1654Springboards [sports articles]
1655Squash balls
1656Squash equipment
1657Squash racket strings
1658Squash rackets
1659Squash racquet strings
1660Squash racquets
1661Squeezable squeaking toys
1662Squeeze toys
1663Stacking blocks
1664Stacking boxes
1665Stacking toys
1666Stair-climbing machines for exercise
1667Stair-stepping machines for exercise
1668Stand alone video game machines
1669Stand-alone video game machines
1670Stand-up paddle boards
1671Stand-up paddleboards
1672Stands for Christmas trees
1673Stands specially adapted for holding golf clubs on the golf course
1674Starting blocks for athletics
1675Starting blocks for sports
1676Starting blocks for swimming
1677Starting blocks for track sports
1678Stationary exercise bicycles
1679Stilts for recreational purposes
1680Stones for playing Go games
1681Straps for golf bags
1682Straps used for fitness activities
1683Straps used for yoga
1684Streamers [party novelties]
1685Stress relief exercise balls
1686Stress relief exercise toys
1687Strike indicators for ice fishing
1688Striking bags for athletic use
1689Striking bags for sports use
1690Striking shields for athletic use
1691Striking shields for sports use
1692Strings for badminton rackets
1693Strings for badminton racquets
1694Strings for lacrosse sticks
1695Strings for racketball rackets
1696Strings for rackets
1697Strings for racquetball rackets
1698Strings for racquetball racquets
1699Strings for racquets
1700Strings for sports rackets
1701Strings for squash rackets
1702Strings for squash racquets
1703Strings for tennis rackets
1704Strings for tennis racquets
1705Stuffed dolls
1706Stuffed puppets
1707Stuffed toy animals
1708Stuffed toy bears
1709Stuffed toys
1710Sugoroku board games
1711Surf skis
1712Surfboard deck grips
1713Surfboard fins
1714Surfboard leashes
1715Surfboard traction pads
1717Swim boards for recreational use
1718Swim fins
1719Swim floats
1720Swim floats for recreational use
1721Swim rings
1722Swimming aids
1723Swimming belts
1724Swimming boards
1725Swimming fins
1726Swimming flippers
1727Swimming floats
1728Swimming floats for recreational use
1729Swimming flutter boards
1730Swimming gloves
1731Swimming jackets
1732Swimming kick boards
1733Swimming kickboards
1734Swimming pool air floats
1735Swimming pool racing lanes
1736Swimming pools [play articles]
1737Swimming rings
1738Swimming webs
1739Swing sets
1741Swivels for punching bags
1742Table confetti
1743Table football tables
1744Table tennis balls
1745Table tennis bats
1746Table tennis net posts
1747Table tennis nets
1748Table tennis paddles
1749Table tennis rackets
1750Table tennis tables
1751Tables for table football
1752Tables for table tennis
1753Tabletop basketball games
1754Talking dolls
1755Talking toys
1756Target games
1757Target launchers [sports articles]
1759Targets for archery
1760Tarot cards [playing cards]
1761Teddy bears
1762Teeball sets
1764Tempered glass screen protectors adapted for portable gaming devices
1765Tennis ball retrievers
1766Tennis ball throwing apparatus
1767Tennis balls
1768Tennis equipment
1769Tennis net center straps
1770Tennis net centre straps
1771Tennis nets
1772Tennis racket presses
1773Tennis racket strings
1774Tennis rackets
1775Tennis racquet presses
1776Tennis racquet strings
1777Tennis racquets
1778Tennis uprights
1779Tetherball equipment
1781Theatrical masks
1782Throat protectors for athletic use
1783Throat protectors for sports use
1784Tinsel for decorating Christmas trees
1785Tips for billiard cues
1786Tips for pool cues
1787Tips for snooker cues
1789Toboggans [sports articles]
1790Toy aeroplanes
1791Toy air pistols
1792Toy aircraft
1793Toy airplanes
1794Toy animals
1795Toy armor
1796Toy armour
1797Toy arrows
1798Toy artificial fingernails
1799Toy bakeware
1800Toy balloons
1801Toy bears
1802Toy binoculars
1803Toy birds
1804Toy blocks
1805Toy boats
1806Toy bows and arrows
1807Toy building blocks
1808Toy building blocks capable of interconnection
1809Toy building bricks
1810Toy buildings
1811Toy butterfly nets
1812Toy cap pistols
1813Toy cars
1814Toy castles
1815Toy chains
1816Toy Christmas trees
1817Toy clocks
1818Toy construction blocks
1819Toy construction sets
1820Toy construction vehicles
1821Toy cookware
1822Toy cutlery
1823Toy dishware
1824Toy dolls
1825Toy dough
1826Toy figures
1827Toy figurines
1828Toy fingernails
1829Toy fish
1830Toy flowers
1831Toy food
1832Toy furniture
1833Toy garages
1834Toy gliders
1835Toy glockenspiels
1836Toy guitars
1837Toy gun holsters
1838Toy guns
1839Toy handcuffs
1840Toy harmonicas
1841Toy helmets
1842Toy horns
1843Toy houses
1844Toy imitation cosmetics
1845Toy LED light sticks
1846Toy lorries
1847Toy mailboxes
1848Toy masks
1849Toy microscopes
1850Toy mobiles
1851Toy model train sets
1852Toy model trains
1853Toy modeling dough
1854Toy modelling dough
1855Toy models
1856Toy music boxes
1857Toy musical boxes
1858Toy musical instruments
1859Toy noisemakers
1860Toy pianos
1861Toy pinwheels
1862Toy pistol holsters
1863Toy pistols
1864Toy pit stop garages
1865Toy pit stops
1866Toy prams
1867Toy prism glasses
1868Toy prism spectacles
1869Toy pushchairs
1870Toy putty
1871Toy racing car tracks
1872Toy racing cars
1873Toy racing sets
1874Toy record players
1875Toy robots
1876Toy rockets
1877Toy scooters
1878Toy service stations
1879Toy shields
1880Toy sling planes
1881Toy steering wheels
1882Toy strollers
1883Toy swords
1884Toy tableware [dishware]
1885Toy telephones
1886Toy tool sets
1887Toy tools
1888Toy trailers
1889Toy trains
1890Toy trucks
1891Toy trumpets
1892Toy vehicles
1893Toy vehicles which transform into robots
1894Toy walkie-talkies without communications capability
1895Toy walkie-talkies [not capable of transmitting and receiving communications]
1896Toy wands
1897Toy watches
1898Toy water guns
1899Toy weapons
1900Toy whistles
1901Toy xylophones
1903Toys *
1904Toys designed to be attached to car seats
1905Toys designed to be attached to cots
1906Toys designed to be attached to cribs
1907Toys designed to be attached to high chairs
1908Toys designed to be attached to prams
1909Toys designed to be attached to pushchairs
1910Toys designed to be attached to strollers
1911Toys for babies
1912Toys for cats
1913Toys for children
1914Toys for dogs
1915Toys for infants
1916Toys for pets
1917Toys incorporating telecommunication functions
1918Toys with LED light features
1919Toys’ costumes
1920Traction pads for bodyboards
1921Traction pads for paddle boards
1922Traction pads for skateboards
1923Traction pads for snowboards
1924Traction pads for surfboards
1925Tractors for use in downhill amusement rides
1926Trading card games
1927Trading cards for games
1928Traditional Japanese dolls
1929Traditional Japanese playing cards
1930Traditionally dressed dolls
1932Treadmills for use in physical exercise
1933Tricycles for children for use as playthings
1934Tricycles for infants [toys]
1935Trivia cards [games]
1936Trivia games played with cards and game components
1937Trolley bags for golf equipment
1938Twirling batons
1939Uneven parallel bars for gymnastics
1940Uta-garuta playing cards
1941Uta-garuta playing cards [Japanese card game]
1942Uta-garuta [Japanese playing cards]
1943Vaulting boxes
1944Vaulting horses for gymnastics
1945Vaulting poles
1946Ventriloquists’ dummies
1947Vibration dampeners for rackets
1948Vibration dampeners for racquets
1949Vibration dampeners for tennis rackets
1950Video game apparatus
1951Video game consoles
1952Video game consoles for use with an external display screen or monitor
1953Video game interactive control floor pads or mats
1954Video game joysticks
1955Video game machines
1956Video game machines for use with an external display screen or monitor
1957Video game machines for use with televisions
1958Video games apparatus adapted for use with an external display screen or monitor
1959Video lottery terminals [gaming machines]
1960Video output game machines for use with an external display screen or monitor
1961Video output game machines for use with televisions
1962Volleyball equipment
1963Volleyball net antennas
1964Volleyball nets
1965Volleyball standards
1966Volleyball uprights
1968Waist protectors for athletic use
1969Waist trimmer exercise belts
1970Waist trimmer exercise belts [sports articles]
1972Wall protection bumpers of rubber, foam and plastic for gymnasiums
1973Water pistols
1974Water skis
1975Water slides
1976Water squirting toys
1977Water toys
1978Water wing swim aids for recreational use
1979Water wings
1980Water-ski bindings
1981Water-skiing gloves
1982Water-squirting toys
1984Waterfowl hunting decoys
1985Waterski carrying cases
1988Webbed gloves for swimming
1989Weight lifting belts
1990Weight lifting belts [sports articles]
1991Weight lifting benches
1992Weight lifting gloves
1993Weight lifting machines for exercise
1994Weight machines for physical exercise
1995Wheels for toy vehicles
1996Wind-up toys
1997Wind-up walking toys
1998Windsurf boards
1999Windsurf boards incorporating sails
2000Windsurfing boards
2001Windsurfing boards incorporating sails
2002Windsurfing gloves
2003Wooden swords for kendo
2004Wooden toys
2005Wrist and ankle weights for exercise
2006Wrist guards for athletic use
2007Wrist guards for sports use
2008Wrist guards [sports articles]
2009Wrist pads for skateboarding
2010Wrist weights for exercise
2012Yoga blankets
2013Yoga blocks
2014Yoga bolsters
2015Yoga bricks
2016Yoga props in the nature of yoga wheels
2017Yoga straps
2018Yoga swings
2019Yoga wheels
2020Yumi [bows for Japanese archery]
2021Zip line apparatus for recreational purposes

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