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Now a competition world, Indian Government is promoting growth of MSME business by launching various schemes such as Single point registration,Performance and Credit rating Scheme,Marketing Assistance Scheme all such schemes are comes under NSIC (National Industries Corporation) NSIC is a Government enterprises and falls under the Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) .

Development of NSIC

NSIC is a certified Government of India Enterprises comes under the Ministry of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME).NSIC has been working to promote and aid the growth of SMEs enterprises in the country.

1. NSIC has also been treated as a MINI RATNA PSU set up by the Government of India since 1955. 2. The mission of NSIC is to Support and Promote the Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) for providing integrated support services encompassing Marketing,Financing, Technology and other services.

Eligibility Criteria for NSIC Registration

  • Every Micro business whose investment in- Plant & machinery is up to INR 25 lakhs and In-service sector up to INR 10 Lakhs

  • Every Small business whose investment in Plant & machinery is up to INR 5 Crore and In-service sector up to INR 2 crores, OR

  • Holding an MSME Certificate is a must .

  • Completed one year of business commencement is necessary

Note- The Provisional Registration Certificate will be issued to the MSMEs under the Single Point Registration scheme(NSIC), if business has not completed one year of business commencement.

Validity of NSIC Registration

NSIC registration under Single Point Registration Scheme will be valid only for 2 Years. This will be renewed every 2 years after verification of Commercial and Technical Competence (CTC) of the registered MSEs.

Note: Provisional NSIC Registration will be valid for 1 year from the date of the issue of NSIC application.


Schemes Available under NSIC Registration

  • Consortia & Tender Marketing

  • Marketing Intelligence

  • Raw Material Assistance Scheme

  • Procurement and Marketing Assistance Scheme

  • Procurement Marketing Scheme

  • Single Point Registration Scheme

  • Performance and Credit Rating Scheme

  • Bill Discounting Scheme

  • Skill Development Service

  • Credit Facilitation by Banks

  • Infomediary Services

Objectives of NSIC Registration

  1. Assistance to SSI and MSME
  2. One of the main focuses of NSIC registration is to provide different types of allied benefits to MSME and SSI. Any MSME or SSI can easily claim different forms of incentives and schemes by enrolling itself in this registration.

  3. Provide Machinery
  4. After registering under the NSIC, MSMEs can avail benefits to secure its machinery such as equipment that is based on hire purchase. This system can be carried out with minimum formalities by the NSIC registration

  5. Government Tenders
  6. By using the SPRS, MSME can secure government purchases and tenders. Additionaly from this, MSMEs would be notified regarding any tender.

  7. Free of cost Participation
  8. After enrolling in this scheme, MSMEs can participate freely in government contracts and tenders.

  9. Supply of Raw Materials
  10. To promoting the Small-scale Industrial sector currently NSIC has reserved 358 items for purchase particularly only from SSIs.

  11. International Conventions
  12. MSMEs registered under NSIC receive the benefits of taking part in International trade and various forms of conventions of the government. Small Scale Industries also be notified the same

  13. Exempted from Earnest Money Deposit Scheme (EMD)
  14. All MSME/ SSI registered under this scheme are exempted from the requirement of depositing form of earnest money.

Hence it is profitable to register under National Small Industries Corporation(NSIC).

What Are the Types of Applications for Design Registration?

There are 2 types of Design Application:

  1. Ordinary Application: An ordinary application does not claim priority.

  2. Reciprocity Application: A reciprocity application claims priority of an application filed previously in a convention country. Such an application shall be filed in India within 6 months from the date of filing in the convention country. The period of 6 months is not extendable.

Documents are required for NSIC Registration

The documents that are required to register a design in India are mentioned below:

  1. For Proprietorship.

    • Pan Card Of Proprietor
    • Uam/Udyam Registration
    • Details Of Plant & Machinery
    • Copy Of Ownership/Rent Agreement With Noc
    • Latest Electricity Copy Of Bill
    • Details Of Testion Facility Available In Work Premises
    • Financial Details For Last 3 Years, Authorised By Chartered Accountant
    • Audited Balance Sheet
    • Profit & Loss A/C
    • Schedule Of Revenue From Operations & Fixed Assets
    • Declaration Signed By The Applicant Mse Unit Accepting Registration Condition
  2. Identity and address proof of the authorized person/entity.

  3. Acknowledgement or certificate copy of of MSME registration

  4. A self- attested copy of PAN, Udyog Aadhaar Memorandum (UAM) Number

  5. A self- attested copy of ownership documents of the business location (CoI),

  6. Self- attested Copy of sales deed, if any

  7. Consent letter from the Directors, Partners, or Sole proprietor that whether or not they have any link with large scale Unit(s).
  8. List of testing facility and quality control equipment available in factory
  9. Copy of type test report from standard Independent lab .
  10. Business existence certificates for a minimum of 3 years along with the ownership documents of raw materials, plant/machinery,equipment, and tools.
  11. Professional details of employees involved in production and services.
  12. Detailed information of having MSME Data Bank.
  13. Memorandum as per application’s Proforma ‘Annexure-F.
  14. Audited balance sheet and P&L for the last 3 years.
  15. Banker’s Certificate.
  16. Duplicate Copy of BIS license, if applicable.
  17. Duplicate Copy of ISO 9000 (not obligatory).

Procedure to obtain the NSIC Certificate

Businesses that are registered under MSME or having Udyog Aadhar Registration are eligible to get registered under NSIC. Registered MSME with Udyog Aadhar Registration can apply online for NSIC Registration. To obtain the NSIC certificate, all MSMEs are required to fill the application form and submit it along with required documents to the respective NSIC’s zonal or branch offices located nearest to the unit.

Online steps for NSIC registration are as follows :-

  • Step 1
  • Log in to the portal the official website www.nsicspronline.com

  • Step 2
  • Register it self in MSME Data Bank using UAM No. and PAN.

  • Step 3
  • Fill in the details asked in the application form using PAN and UAM numbers.

  • Step 4
  • Submit the application form, with all required documents.

  • Step 5
  • Pay the fee.

  • Step 6
  • Wait for confirmation and documents verified by the authority, You will get your NSIC certificate by post.

Offline Procedure for NSIC registration are as follows :-

  1. Download application Copy of NSIC Form

  2. File the Form

  3. Submit Form Along with Reports

  4. Certificate granted by NSIC

What Are the Benefits Related to Industrial Design Registration?

  • The registration of a design confers upon the certified proprietor the private right to apply a design to the article in the class in which the design has been registered.

  • A registered owner of the design is called to a better protection of his intellectual property.

  • He can sue for infringement, if his right is infringed by any person.

  • He/she can licence or sell his design as legal property for a fee or royalty.

  • Registration originally gives this right for 10 years from the date of registration.

  • If the fee for size is not paid for the further period of registration within the period of first registration, this benefit will stop.

  • There is provision for the return is filed within 1 year from the date of cessation in the designated manner.

  • A design is registered by the Patent Office so that competitors can be warned about its creation

  • The ten-year exclusive right to use a registered design is extended for five years by adding an addition to the ten years

  • If a design is copied or used in a way that violates its copyright, the owner of the registered design may seek legal redress under the Designs Act

  • An amount not exceeding ₹25,000 can be recovered against anyone’s design subject to a maximum of ₹50,000 if the design is illegally copied

  • Design registration provides legal protection against infringement.

Why to Choose Legaltax?

  • At Legal Tax, we want to make sure you have all the legal hassle-free to focus on your business.

  • We’ll take care of the rest. Our experts will get your design registered in 2-4 months.

  • Experts at Legal Tax will prepare your design registration with minimal effort. Once the registration application is prepared, a power of attorney will be sent to allow us to file it on your behalf.

  • We will file your registration with the relevant authorities, including the design Wing of the patent office, and you will receive a design number. Your application will be filed with the design wing of the Patent Office and will be tracked using the design number. If you are looking for experts to register your design then definitely Legal Tax is the best option.



As such NSIC will not allow registration any units engaged in the manufacturing of drug & medicines.

NSIC does not register the traders in SPRS.


Yes, Legal tax is providing service all over india.

The Government of India launched the Central Government Stores Purchase Programme in 1955.

Micro & Small Enterprises both are eligible to get registered with NSIC under SPRS.

More than Rs. 10 lac but does not exceed Rs. 2 crore

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