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Trademark Registration in Gurugram


Trademark Registration in Gurugram, Haryana

Hey welcome to Legaltax if you are searching for Trademark Registration you are in the right place. We have a team of experts for Trademark Registration in Gurugram Haryana who Provides you Trademark Registration not only in Delhi, we provide services all over India. Let’s start our topic with Gurugram, which is a part of Haryana and located in the south west of Delhi. Trademark is a process in which you need to follow various types of steps, it also needs timely follow-up from the government. Here I am telling you about the quick and easy process of Trademark Registration in Gurugram. For All The types of businesses and providers of services it is most important and crucial to apply for the Trademark Registration and it can be achieved after Your application is passed with some barriers the after that your business or if you are a service provider you can get your Trademark Registration Certificate easily.

How to Get Trademark Registration in Gurugram, Haryana?

  • Step1: In the first step it begins with doing a perfect Trademark search. We can support you in conducting a Detailed Trademark Search on your behalf by using some tools to search the Trademark across classes.
  • Step2: In the second step it starts with making an application by the trademark Attorney. During this process we also prepare Form48 and TM1 for the approval and on that form The Trademark applicant is required to sign that form.
  • Step3: In the third step the filing of Trademark is done with the Trademark registry. The fee for Trademark for registering a small enterprise, Individual, or startup is ₹4500.
  • Step4: After successfully filing the Trademark application and the application is processed by the government it is always essential to check the status of the Trademark application timely. In case if you get any objection you have to submit a reply in the response of that objection within 30 days by the applicant.With Legaltax you can get Trademark Registration in Gurugram easily. Legaltax is a best service provider when it comes to Trademark Registration

Nature of Trademark Registration in Gurgugram

A brand is a collection of distinctive characteristics that, individually and/or together, define the identity of a company. On the other hand, a trademark is a symbolic expression of a defining characteristic of a brand, which allows it to be recognised. Protecting a firm's brand and trademarks is important because, without a distinct identity, a company is a faceless, nameless entity to the general public, nothing more than another generic product or service.

Getting a trademark registration in India establishes brand identity and makes a difference on your goods from other services and goods in the market. Guarding a trademark is crucial if one wants to maintain the distinctive character of a brand.

The Documents Required for Trademark Registration in Gurugram

If you want to register a trademark in India, you need to submit some documents along with your application. These documents are essential to prove your ownership and use of the trademark, as well as to avoid any objections or oppositions from other parties. Here are the documents you need Trademark Registration in India:

  • Trademark Application Form: You must fill out the prescribed application form, known as Form TM-A, which can be obtained from the Indian Trademark Office website or physically from the office.
  • Incorporation Certificate (Incorporation certificate is required when the Trademark is registered under LLP).
  • Partnership Deed (It is needed If your Trademark is Registered under a partnership firm)
  • PAN Card (Of the authorized Signatory.)
  • Aadhaar Card (Of the authorized Signatory.)
  • Form-48 (POA) signed (All the documents printed are required in color. Authorized signatory to sign on each of the pages.)
  • Logo (Please the logo should be uploaded in black and white to assure all colors of the Trademark are covered under the registration.)
  • MSME Certificate

Advantages of Trademark Registration in Gurugram

  • Trademark Search: Before you apply, you should conduct a trademark search to make sure that your desired mark is not already registered or pending registration by someone else. You can use the online database of the Intellectual Property Office of your country or region to do this.
  • Legal Protection When you register your brand it gives legal protection by preventing fraud usage or imitation of the logo, slogan, or other distinguishing elements used by a business. This secures your business from infringement by competitors and ensures its exclusive identity is secured.
  • Exclusive Rights Trademark Registration serves some exclusive rights to the owner, settling their ownership and securing from others to use the same mark. This boosts the position of business in the market and fixes it apart from competitors.
  • Brand Recognition When you register a trademark it makes brand recognition as the product or service becomes associated with the company’s name. This increases the reputation of the brand and attracts more customers to the business, fostering growth and success.
  • Creation of Asset Trademark Registration creates an unreal resource for the entity or company. This asset adds value towards the business, builds brand credibility, and attracts more opportunities, it also supports in developing a loyal customer base, both retaining existing customers and attracting new ones. By Trademark Registration in gurugram, Haryana, Businesses can enjoy these advantages, strengthening their market position, securing their intellectual property, and fostering growth and success.

Validity of Trademark Registration in Gurugram

In India, Trademark registration in Gurugram is valid for 20 years and can be renewed many times, In india, Trademark registration is given by the Trademark Registry (TMR), which is factor of the controller General’s office for patents, designs, and Trademarks (CGPDTM). The Trademark Registration procedure may be made easy with Legaltax and its professionals

Renewal Of Trademark Registration in Gurugram

For renewing a Trademark Registration in Gurgugram You have to follow these steps:

  • Trademark Search Before doing renewal of a Trademark, conduct a search report to get know there are no similar or identical marks already registered or filed for Registration. The Trademark’s Indian Office gives a brand inquiry tool for this purpose.
  • Application For Renewal You have to submit the application for renewal with the fees which are required. The application of Trademark can be filed up to six months after it has expired. The application of renewal can be straightly submitted at the office of trademark or Online through the Indian Trademark office’s website.
  • Application Review The trademark office will verify the renewal application to check that all essential information has been given.
  • Publication in Trademark Journal After reviewing your application, the Trademark will be published in the Trademark journal to notify the public of the renewal application.
  • Opposition Period To Oppose the renewal, All The Third parties have four months from the date of publication in the Trademark Journal, if they have valid grounds for doing so.
  • Renewal certificate If the opposition is compromised or no opposition is raised in favor of the trademark owner, the trademark office will issue a renewal certificate.
  • Fees paid Complete the renewal process by paying the required fee. At the Trademark Office or electronically through the website of the Indian Trademark Office, The fee can be paid straightly. By taking these steps, trademark owners can profitably renew their trademarks, while establishing repeated protection and exclusionary rights to their brands.

Frequently Asked Questions

The person having registration of his trademark can take various, such as registered owners can make, settle and secure their trademark, this person has full rights.

Any applicant or an owner who is claiming to become a proprietor and wants to use the trademark for his/her firm can apply for Trademark registration in Gurugram Online. Legaltax will help you to get your Trademark registration done in a simple way and with an easy process.

Trademarks should be easy to tell and catch, spelling as well as easy for anybody to recognize. It should not contain geographic names, familiar or personal aliases. Avoid to use big words or words which defines the quality of the product id registration

Legaltax will help you throughout the full process of registering your trademark with an easy process. Here you just need to meet an agent on a call or you can also visit our office, just relax. We are with you to complete the registration process.

No, a foreign trademark cannot be used in India, as a Trademark which is registered has definite locations where it can be used.

It is not illegal to begin the business without taking a registration of Trademark, but it is essential to secure the Trademark.

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