Trademark Class 23: Yarns and Threads

trademark class 23

Trademark Class 23: Yarns and Threads

A comprehensive guide to Class 23 of the Trademark Filing Classification. Trademarks must be applied or registered under classes and each class represents a distinct class of goods or services. In this post, we comprehensively cover the goods which fall under Class 23 of trademark classification.

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What is Trademark?

The term Trademark is the legal term for  “intellectual property”. The Dictionary meaning states it as a symbol, word, or words legally registered or established by use as representing a company or product. One can also say that a Trademark is typically a name, word, phrase, logo, symbol, design, image, or a combination of these elements. A trademark identifies the brand owner of a particular product or service.

Comprehensive list of goods classified under Trademark Class 23

The following goods must be classified under Trademark Class 23:

S NoGoods in TM Class List 23
1Angora yarn
2Camel hair yarn
3Carded threads in flax for textile use
4Carded threads in natural fibres for textile use
5Carded threads in wool for textile use
6Carded yarns in natural fibres for textile use
7Carded yarns in wool for textile use
8Carded yarns of hemp for textile use
9Carpet yarns
10Cashmere yarns
11Ceramic fibre yarns for textile use
12Chemical fiber base mixed thread and yarn
13Chemical-fiber threads and yarns for textile use
14Chenile yarn
15Chenille yarn
16Chopped plastic fibres for textile use
17Coir thread
18Coir thread and yarn
19Coir yarn
20Cotton base mixed thread and yarn
21Cotton for darning
22Cotton thread
23Cotton thread and yarn
24Cotton threads and yarns
25Cotton yarn
26Covered rubber thread and yarn [for textile use]
27Covered rubber yarn for textile use
28Darning thread
29Darning thread and yarn
30Darning yarn
31Degreased waste threads and yarns
32Douppioni silk yarn
33Eiderdown yarn
34Elastic strips of synthetic fibres for textile use
35Elastic thread
36Elastic thread and yarn for textile use
37Elastic threads for textile use
38Elastic yarn
39Elastic yarn for textile use
40Elastic yarns for textile use
41Embroidery floss
42Embroidery thread
43Embroidery thread and yarn
44Embroidery (Thread of metal for -)
45Embroidery yarn
46Fiberglass thread
47Fiberglass thread for textile use
48Fibreglass thread for textile use
49Flax thread and yarn
50Flocked fibers
51Flocked yarns
52Gilt thread for textile use
53Glass fiber thread and yarn
54Glass fibre thread for textile use
55Glass rovings
56Glass thread for textile use
57Glass yarns for textile use
58Haberdashery [thread]
59Hair yarn
60Hand knitting wools
61Hand knitting yarns
62Hand spun silk yarn
63Heat-stable yarns and threads
64Hemp base mixed thread and yarn
65Hemp thread
66Hemp thread and yarn
67Hemp threads and yarns
68Hemp yarn
69Inorganic fiber base mixed thread and yarn
70Jute thread and yarn
71Jute yarn
72Knitting threads
73Knitting yarn
74Knitting yarns
75Knitting yarns made of acrylic materials
76Knitting yarns made of nylon
77Knitting yarns made of wool
78Linen thread
79Linen thread and yarn
80Linen yarn
81Metal fiber thread for textile use
82Mixed spun threads and yarns
83Natural yarns
84Non-metallic yarns for textile use
85Paper yarn [for textile use]
86Plastic thread for textile use
87Polyester pre-oriented yarns
88Polyester textured yarns
89Ramie thread and yarn
90Raw silk yarn
91Rayon thread
92Rayon thread and yarn
93Rayon yarn
94Regenerated fiber thread and yarn [for textile use]
95Rubber thread
96Rubber thread for textile use
97Sail thread
98Semi-synthetic fiber thread and yarn [chemically treated natural fiber yarn]
99Sewing thread
100Sewing thread and yarn
101Sewing thread for textile use
102Sewing yarn
103Sewing yarns
104Shoemaker’s thread
105Silica threads
106Silica yarns
107Silk base mixed thread and yarn
108Silk thread
109Silk thread and yarn
110Silk threads and yarns
111Silk yarn
112Silver thread for textile use
113Spools of thread
114Spools of yarn
115Spun cotton
116Spun polyester fibre for textile use
117Spun silk
118Spun silk thread
119Spun silk thread and yarn
120Spun silk yarn
121Spun thread
122Spun thread and yarn
123Spun wool
124Spun yarn
125Synthetic fiber thread and yarn
126Synthetic thread
127Synthetic threads
128Synthetic yarn
129Textile filaments [threads]
130Textile yarns
131Textile yarns made of man-made fibres
132Textile yarns made of natural fibres
134Thread for textile use
135Thread of metal for embroidery
136Thread [sewing]
138Threads and yarns [for textile use]
139Threads for textile use
140Threads made of spun cotton
141Threads of plastic materials for textile use
142True hemp thread and yarn
143Twisted cotton thread and yarn
144Twisted hemp thread and yarn
145Twisted mixed thread and yarn
146Twisted silk thread and yarn
147Twisted thread
148Twisted threads and yarns
149Twisted wool thread and yarn
150Twisted yarn
151Waste cotton yarn
152Waxed thread
153Waxed yarn
154Weaving fibres for industrial use
155Weaving fibres for use in pump packings
156Wild silk yarn
157Wool base mixed thread and yarn
158Wool (Spun -)
159Wool thread
160Wool thread and yarn
161Wool yarn
162Woolen thread and yarn
163Woollen thread and yarn
165Worsted thread
166Worsted thread and yarn
167Worsted yarn
169Yarn and thread for textile purposes
170Yarn of synthetic or mixed fibres for use in textiles
171Yarns and threads
172Yarns and threads for textile use
173Yarns (Carded -) made of wool
174Yarns (Combed -) made of natural fibres
175Yarns (Elastic -), for use in textiles
176Yarns for domestic use
177Yarns for sale in kit form
178Yarns for textile applications
179Yarns made of angora for textile use
180Yarns made of carbon fibres for textile use
181Yarns made of cotton
182Yarns made of polytetrafluoroethylene for textile use
183Yarns made of silk
184Yarns made of synthetic material for textile use
185Yarns, threads

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