Trademark Class 24: For Textiles and Textile Goods

Trademark Class 24

Trademark Class 24: For Textiles and Textile Goods

Trademark Class 24

Trademark Class 24 pertains to textiles and textile goods, not included in other classes; bed covers; table covers.

Trademarks must be applied or registered under classes and each class represents a distinct class of goods or services. In this post, we comprehensively cover the goods which fall under Class 24 of trademark classification.

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The following goods are also classified under Class 24:

Bedding linen of paper.

Therefore, Trademark Class 24 includes mainly textiles (piece goods) and textile covers for household use.

The following goods must not be classified under Class 24:

Certain special textiles;

Electrically heated blankets, for medical purposes;

Table linen of paper;

Horse blankets.

Trademark Class 24 textiles and textile goods

The following goods must be classified under Trademark Class 24:

List of goods classified under Trademark Class 24

Goods in TM Class List 24
Adhesive fabric
Adhesive fabric for application by heat
Adhesive fabrics for application by heat
Adhesive labels (Textile -)
Adhesive materials in the form of stickers [textile]
Adhesive tags of textiles for bags
Aeronautical balloons (Fabric impervious to gases for -)
Afghans [knitted covers]
Apparel fabrics
Artificial silk
Baby blankets
Baby buntings
Badges made of fabric material
Bags for sleeping bags [specifically adapted]
Ballistic resistant fabrics
Balloons (Fabric impervious to gases for aeronautical -)
Banners of textile
Banners of textile or plastic
Banners textile
Bar cloths
Bath gloves
Bath linen
Bath linen, except clothing
Bath mitts
Bath sheets
Bath sheets (towels)
Bath towels
Bath wrap towels
Bathroom towels
Beach towels
Bean bag covers
Bed blankets
Bed blankets made of cotton
Bed blankets made of man-made fibres
Bed canopies
Bed clothes
Bed clothes and blankets
Bed coverings
Bed covers
Bed covers of paper
Bed linen
Bed linen and blankets
Bed linen and table linen
Bed linen made of non-woven textile material
Bed linen of paper
Bed pads
Bed quilts
Bed sheets
Bed sheets of paper
Bed sheets of plastic, not being incontinence sheets
Bed sheets of plastic [not being incontinence sheets]
Bed skirts
Bed spreads
Bed throws
Bed valances
Bed warmer covers
Bedroom textile fabrics
Billiard cloth
Billiard cloth [baize]
Billiard table baize
Bivouac sacks being covers for sleeping bags
Blackout curtains
Blanket throws
Blankets (Bed -)
Blankets for household pets
Blankets for outdoor use
Bolting cloth
Borders (textile wall hangings)
Breathable piece goods made of textile materials bonded with plastics
Breathable piece goods made of textile materials bonded with rubber
Breathable waterproof fabrics
Broad woven industrial fabrics
Brocade flags
Bunting flags
Bunting of textile or plastic
Calico cloth (Printed -)
Canopies (bed linen)
Canopies being bed linen
Canopies [covers for beds]
Canopy covers
Canvas for embroidery
Canvas for tapestry
Canvas for tapestry or embroidery
Chair backs [textile articles]
Chair covers
Cheese cloth
Chemical fiber base mixed fabrics
Chemical fiber fabrics
Chemical fibre loop knit fabrics
Chemical fibre mixed fabrics
Chenile fabric
Chenille fabric
Cheviot fabric
Cheviots [cloth]
Children’s blankets
Children’s towels
Cloth banners
Cloth bunting
Cloth coasters
Cloth doilies
Cloth flags
Cloth for tatami mat edging ribbons
Cloth handkerchiefs
Cloth labels
Cloth napkins
Cloth napkins for removing make-up
Cloth napkins for removing makeup
Cloth pennants
Cloth with a raised nap
Cloths for removing make-up
Cloths for washing the body [other than for medical use]
Cloths of non-woven textile material for washing the body [other than for medical use]
Cloths of woven textile material for washing the body [other than for medical use]
Coasters of textile
Coasters [table linen]
Coated fabrics
Coated fabrics for use in the manufacture of luggage
Coated fabrics for use in the manufacture of rainwear
Coated fabrics for use in the manufacture of leather goods
Coated textiles
Coated woven textile materials
Coating fabric
Comforters (bedding)
Comforters [covers]
Comforters for beds
Composite textile materials
Contour sheets
Contoured mattress covers
Corduroy fabrics
Cot blankets
Cot bumpers [bed linen]
Cot covers
Cot sheets
Cotton base mixed fabrics
Cotton blankets
Cotton cloths
Cotton fabric
Cotton fabrics
Cotton knitted fabric
Covered rubber yarn fabrics [for textile use]
Coverings for furniture
Coverings for windows
Coverings (Furniture -) of textile
Coverings (Loose -) for furniture
Coverings of plastic for furniture
Coverings of plastics for furniture
Coverings of textile and of plastic for furniture (not fitted)
Coverings of textile and of plastic for furniture (unfitted)
Coverlets [bedspreads]
Covers (Fitted toilet lid -) of fabric
Covers (fitted toilet lid -)[fabric]
Covers for cushions
Covers for duvets
Covers for eiderdown and duvets
Covers for mattresses
Covers for pillows
Covers for toilet lids of fabric
Covers [loose] for furniture
Covers of textile for toilet seats
Covers of textile for water closets
Crepe cloth
Crepe [fabric]
Crepe fabrics
Crib bumpers [bed linen]
Crib canopies
Crib sheets
Curtain fabric
Curtain fabrics
Curtain holders of cloth
Curtain holders of textile materials
Curtain holders of textile material
Curtain holders or tiebacks of textile
Curtain holders (Textile -)
Curtain linings
Curtain loops made of textile materials
Curtain loops of textile material
Curtain material
Curtain tie-backs of textile
Curtain valences
Curtaining material being textile piece goods
Curtaining materials
Curtains and lace curtains of textiles or plastic
Curtains for showers
Curtains for windows
Curtains made from textile materials
Curtains made of plastics
Curtains made of plastics for use in shower baths
Curtains made of textile materials
Curtains made of textile fabrics
Curtains [made up or in the piece]
Curtains of plastic
Curtains of textile
Curtains of textile material
Curtains of textile or plastic
Curtains of textiles or plastic
Cushion covering materials
Cushion covers
Cushions (Covers for -)
Denim [cloth]
Denim fabric
Diaper changing cloths for babies
Diapered linen
Dinner mats of textiles
Dish cloths of textile for drying
Dish towels for drying
Disposable bedding of paper
Disposable bedding of textile
Disposable cloths
Disposable tablecloths of textile
Doilies of textile
Door curtains
Down quilts
Draperies [thick drop curtains]
Drapes in the nature of curtains made of textile materials
Drapes in the nature of curtains
Drink coasters of table linen
Dryer fabrics all for use in the paper making industry
Dryer felts all for use in the paper making industry
Dust ruffles
Duvet covers
Duvets filled with goose down
Duvets filled with goose feathers
Eiderdown covers
Eiderdowns [down coverlets]
Eiderdowns [quilts]
Elastic fabrics for clothing
Elastic woven material
Elastic woven materials
Elastic yarn mixed fabrics
Elasticated woven textile materials
Embroidery fabric
Embroidery (Traced cloth for -)
Esparto fabric
Fabric bed valances
Fabric cascades
Fabric coated with rubber or plastics
Fabric curtains
Fabric flags
Fabric for footwear
Fabric for manufacturing women’s outerwear

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