Trademark Class 26 – Lace and embroidery, Ribbons and Braid

“Trademark Class 26 – Lace and embroidery, Ribbons and Braid”

Trademark Registration is available for Goods and Services. Under the Trademark Registration process, Goods and Services are classified into 45 Classes of Trademarks.

Identifying the Class of Trademark is very important before filing the application as registering a trademark or name under a particular class provides protection under that category only. if a trademark is used for goods and services under different classes, separate applications are required to be filed under each class to get the protection of the trademark for the respective goods and services

Lace, braid and embroidery, and haberdashery ribbons and bows; Buttons, hooks and eyes, pins and needles; Artificial flowers; Hair decorations; False hair

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Trademark Class – 26

Lace, braid and embroidery and haberdashery ribbons and bows; Buttons, hooks, eyes, pins, and needles; Artificial flowers; Hair decorations; False hair


  • Lace and embroidery, ribbons and braid;
  • Buttons, hooks and eyes, pins and needles;
  • Artificial flowers.
Explanatory Note

Class 26 includes mainly dressmakers’ articles.

This Class includes, in particular:
  • Slide fasteners.
This Class does not include, in particular:
  • Certain special types of hooks (consult the Alphabetical List of Goods);
  • Certain special types of needles (consult the Alphabetical List of Goods);
  • Yarns and threads for textile use (Cl. 23).
List of Products

List of Products covered under the trademark class 26

1Aluminium foil sheets for hair frosting
2Aluminum foil sheets for hair frosting
3Ankle garters
4Appliqués [haberdashery]
5Appliques [haberdashery]
6Arm bands for designating team member positions in sports activities
7Arm bands [clothing accessories]
8Armbands for holding sleeves
9Artificial blossoms for attachment to clothing
10Artificial Christmas garlands
11Artificial Christmas garlands and wreaths
12Artificial Christmas garlands and wreaths incorporating lights
13Artificial Christmas garlands incorporating lights
14Artificial Christmas wreaths
15Artificial Christmas wreaths incorporating lights
16Artificial flower arrangements
17Artificial flower wreaths
18Artificial flowers
19Artificial flowers of paper
20Artificial flowers of plastics
21Artificial flowers of textile
22Artificial foliage
23Artificial fruit
24Artificial garlands
25Artificial plants, other than Christmas trees
26Artificial topiaries
27Artificial vegetables
28Artificial wreaths
29Badges for wear, not of precious metal
30Beads for handicraft work, other than for making jewellery
31Beads for handicraft work, other than for making jewelry
32Beads, other than for making jewellery
33Beads, other than for making jewelry
34Belt buckles
35Belt buckles for clothing
36Belt buckles of precious metal, for clothing
37Belt buckles of precious metal
38Belt buckles of precious metals
39Belt buckles, not of precious metal, for clothing
40Belt buckles, not of precious metal
41Belt clasps
42Binding needles
43Birds’ feathers [clothing accessories]
44Blouse fasteners
45Bobbin lace
46Bobbins for retaining embroidery floss or wool [not parts of machines]
47Bobby pins
48Bodkins Bobby pins
49Boot buckles
50Boot eyelets
51Boot fasteners
52Boot laces
53Borders and edgings for clothing
54Bows being hair decorations
55Bows being haberdashery
56Bows for gift wrapping, not of paper
57Bows for the hair
58Bows, not of paper, for gift wrapping
59Boxes for needles
60Boxes of precious metal for needles
61Boxes, not of precious metal, for needles
62Bra fasteners
63Bra pads for clothing
64Bra strap extenders
66Bra underwires
68Brassards [military armbands]
69Brooches [clothing accessories]
70Breast lift tapes
71Brooches, other than jewellery
72Brooches, other than jewelry
73Buckles for footwear
74Buckles for clothing
75Buckles of precious metal [clothing accessories]
76Buckles [clothing accessories]
77Buckles, not of precious metal [clothing accessories]
79Buttons *
80Buttons for clothing
81Buttons, hooks and eyes, pins and needles
82Campaign buttons
83Cases adapted to hold knitting needles
84Canvas needles
85Cat collar charms
86Ceramic beads, other than for making jewellery
87Ceramic beads, other than for making jewelry
88Charms for attachment to beverage glassware for identification purposes
89Charms for cat collars
90Charms for pet collars
91Charms for dog collars
92Charms, other than for jewellery, key rings or key chains
93Charms, other than for jewelry, key rings or key chains
94Chenille [passementerie]
95Child restraining devices in the nature of a cloth harness for attaching to a household chair
96Clasp fasteners
97Clasps for clothing
98Clasps for handbags
99Claw clips for hair
100Cloth patches for clothing
101Clothing buckles
102Clothing hooks [fasteners]
103Clown wigs
104Clothing patches
105Collar stays
106Collar stiffeners
107Collar supports
108Competitors’ numbers
109Competitors’ numbers of textile
110Competitors’ numbers, not of textile
111Cords for clothing
112Cords for trimming
113Corsages of artificial flowers
114Corset busks
115Crochet hooks
116Crochet needles
117Curl papers
118Curling pins
120Cushions for pins
121Daenggi [pigtail ribbons for Korean hair styling]
122Daenggi [pigtail ribbons for Korean hairstyling]
123Dangling charms for mobile phones
124Darning lasts
125Darning needles
126Decorative articles for the hair
127Decorative charms for cell phones
128Decorative charms for cellular phones
129Decorative charms for cellular telephones
130Decorative charms for eyewear
131Decorative charms for mobile phones
132Decorative charms for mobile telephones
133Decorative ribbons
134Decorative ribbons [haberdashery]
135Dog collar charms
136Dress body fasteners
137Dress fastenings
138Edgings for clothing
139Elastic ribbons
140Elastic tape
141Electric and non-electric hair curlers, other than hand implements
142Electric hair curlers, other than hand implements
143Electric hair rollers
144Electric hair-curlers, other than hand implements
145Electrically heated hair curlers, other than hand implements
146Electrically heated hair curling instruments [other than hand implements]
147Embroidered badges for clothing
148Embroidered emblems
149Embroidered patches
150Embroidered patches for clothing
152Embroidery for garments
153Embroidery needles
154Entomological pins
155Entomological pins of metal
156Expanding bands for holding sleeves
157Extenders for straps for brassieres
158Eyelets for clothing
159Eyelets for footwear
160Eyelets [haberdashery]
161Fabric appliqués [haberdashery]
162Fabric appliques [haberdashery]
163False beards
164False hair
165False hems
166False moustaches
167False mustaches
168Fancy goods [embroidery]
169Fasteners for bras
170Fasteners for brassieres
171Fasteners for footwear
172Fastenings for braces
173Fastenings for clothing
174Fastenings for suspenders
175Feathers for ornamentation
176Feathers for ornamentation [passementerie]
177Feathers [clothing accessories]
178Festoons [embroidery]
179Frills for clothing
180Frills [lacework]
182Fusible web for sewing purposes
183Fusible web [haberdashery]
184Glass beads, other than for making jewellery
185Glass beads, other than for making jewelry
186Gold embroidery
187Gold embroidery for garments
188Haberdashery bows
189Haberdashery ribbons
190Haberdashery ribbons and bows
191Haberdashery [dressmakers’ articles], except thread
192Haberdashery [dressmakers’ articles], except thread *
193Hair bands
194Hair barrettes
195Hair bows
196Hair buckles
197Hair clamps
198Hair clips
199Hair coloring caps
200Hair coloring foils
201Hair colouring caps
202Hair colouring foils
203Hair curl clips
204Hair curlers, electric and non-electric, other than hand implements
205Hair curlers, electric, other than hand implements
206Hair curlers, electrically heated, other than hand implements
207Hair curlers, non-electric, other than hand implements
208Hair curlers, other than hand implements, electrically heated
209Hair curlers, other than hand implements, non-electric
210Hair curling paper
211Hair curling papers
212Hair curling pins
213Hair decorations
214Hair elastics
215Hair extensions
216Hair frosting caps
217Hair grips
218Hair nets
219Hair netting for use in hair weaving
220Hair ornaments in the form of combs
221Hair ornaments in the nature of hair wraps
222Hair pieces
223Hair pins
224Hair ribbons
225Hair roller pins
226Hair rollers, electric
227Hair rollers, non-electric
228Hair scrunchies
229Hair slides
230Hair ties
231Hair twisters [hair accessories]
232Hair-curlers, electrically heated, other than hand implements
233Hair-curlers, other than hand implements, electrically heated
235Hand-knitting needles
236Handbag clasps
237Hat and shoe trimmings
238Hat bands
239Hat pins for securing hats
240Hat pins, other than jewellery
241Hat pins, other than jewelry
242Hat trimmings
244Hatpins, other than jewellery
245Hatpins, other than jewelry
246Heat adhesive patches
247Heat adhesive patches for decoration of clothing
248Heat adhesive patches for decoration of textile articles
249Heat adhesive patches for decoration of textile articles [haberdashery]
250Heat adhesive patches for repairing clothing
251Heat adhesive patches for repairing textile articles
252Hem tape
253Hook and eye fastening tape
254Hook and loop fastening tapes
255Hook and pile fastening tapes
256Hooks and eyes
257Hooks for corsets
258Hooks [haberdashery]
259Hosiery loom needles
260Human hair
261Indoor artificial foliage
262Insignias for wear, not of precious metal
263Iron-on textile patches
264Jacquard lace
265Jaw clips for hair
266Kamishin [hairpieces for Japanese hair styling]
267Kamoji [false hair for Japanese hair styling]
268Knitting needles
269Kogai [ornamental hair pins for Japanese hair styling]
270Kohaze [fasteners for tabi]
271Kohaze [hooks for tabi]
273Lace and embroidery
274Lace and embroidery, haberdashery ribbons
275Lace and embroidery, ribbons and braid
276Lace for edgings
277Lace trimmings
278Lace, braid and embroidery
279Lace, except embroidery lace
280Lace, except lace for embroidery
281Laces for footwear
282Lacing needles
283Letters for marking linen
284Lingerie tapes
285Loops for clothing
286Mage [chignons for Japanese hair styling]
287Magnetic buttons covered in fabric
288Magnetized buttons covered in fabric
289Marking pins
290Marugushi [ornamental combs for Japanese hair styling]
291Metal entomological pins
292Metal fasteners for footwear
293Metal name badges for wear
294Metal pins for use in mounting insects
295Mica spangles
296Mitten clips
297Monogram tabs for marking linen
298Motoyui [hair tassel strings for Japanese hair styling]
299Name badges made of metal for wear
300Name badges made of plastic for wear
301Name badges of metal for wear
302Name badges of plastic for wear
303Natural hair for wear
304Needle cases
305Needle cases of precious metal
306Needle cases, not of precious metal
307Needle cushions
310Needles *
311Needles for wool combing machines
312Needles of precious metal
313Negake [hair tassel ornaments for Japanese hair styling]
314Non-electric hair curlers, other than hand implements
315Non-electric hair rollers
316Novelty badges [clothing accessories]
317Novelty buttons
318Numerals for marking linen
319Numerals or letters for marking linen
320Obi-dome [special sash clips for obi]
321Oriental hair pins
322Ornamental adhesive patches for jackets
323Ornamental bows of textile for decoration
324Ornamental cloth patches
325Ornamental novelty badges
326Ornamental novelty badges [buttons]
327Ornamental novelty buttons
328Ornamental novelty pins, other than jewellery
329Ornamental patches for clothing
330Ornamental ribbons made of textile
331Ornamental ribbons of textile
332Ornamental textile ribbons
333Ostrich feathers [clothing accessories]
334Outdoor artificial foliage
336Patches for clothing
337Patches for clothing made of plastic
338Patches for clothing made of rubber
339Patches for clothing made of rubber, plastic and vinyl
340Patches for clothing made of vinyl
341Patches for repairing clothing
342Patches for repairing textile articles
343Patches for use in the repair of clothing
344Pet collar charms
346Picot [lace]
347Pin and needle cushions
348Pin badges, not made of precious metal
349Pin badges, not of precious metal
350Pin cushions
351Pins with glass heads
352Pins, other than jewellery
353Pins, other than jewelry
354Plaited hair
355Plastic name badges for wear
356Police badges
357Ponytail holders
359Pre-lit artificial Christmas garlands
360Pre-lit artificial Christmas wreaths
361Press buttons
362Press fasteners
363Press studs
364Prize ribbons
365Removable bra pads
366Removable breast enhancer pads [clothing accessories]
367Removable collar protectors
368Removable pads for bras
369Removable pads for brassieres
370Removable shoulder straps for use with bras
371Removable shoulder straps for use with brassieres
372Removable silicone breast enhancer pads [clothing accessories]
373Removable silicone buttock enhancer pads [undergarment accessories]
374Ribbons and bows being haberdashery
375Ribbons and bows being haberdashery or for the hair
376Ribbons and bows being haberdashery or used as hair decorations
377Ribbons and bows being hair decorations
378Ribbons and bows for gift wrapping, not of paper
379Ribbons and bows, not of paper, for gift wrapping
380Ribbons being haberdashery
381Ribbons being hair decorations
382Ribbons for gift wrapping, not of paper
383Ribbons for the hair
384Ribbons made of textile
385Ribbons of textile
386Ribbons of textile for gift wrapping
387Ribbons of textile for wrapping
388Ribbons of textile materials
389Ribbons, not of paper, for gift wrapping
390Rivet buttons
391Rosettes [haberdashery]
392Rug hooks
393Saddlers’ needles
394Safety pins
395Saree Fall (A length of matching fabric sown onto the bottom-inside edge of a sari)
396Scarf clips not being jewellery
397Scarf clips not being jewelry
398Sewing baskets
399Sewing boxes
400Sewing kits
401Sewing machine needles
402Sewing needles
403Sewing needles with an oval eye
404Sewing thimbles
405Shirt buttons
406Shoe buckles
407Shoe eyelets
408Shoe fasteners
409Shoe hooks
410Shoe laces
411Shoe strings
412Shoe trimmings
413Shoemakers’ needles
414Shoulder pads for clothing
415Shuttles for making fishing nets
416Silicone bra pads for clothing
417Silver embroidery
418Silver embroidery for garments
419Skirt flounces
420Slide fasteners and parts thereof
421Slide fasteners [zippers]
422Snap clips for hair
423Snap clips [hair accessories]
424Snap fasteners
425Spangles for clothing
426Stiffening supports for collars
427Synthetic hair for wear
428Tabodome [hair pins for fixing back hairpieces for use in Japanese hair styling]
429Tabomino [back-hairpieces for Japanese hair styling]
430Tapes for curtain headings
431Tapes [haberdashery]
433Tassels [haberdashery]
434Tatami needles
435Tegara [hair ribbons for Japanese hair styling]
436Textile bows for gift wrapping
437Textile patches for clothing
438Textile patches for ironing-on
439Textile ribbons
440Textile ribbons for gift wrapping
441Textile ribbons for wrapping
443Top-knots [pompoms]
445Toupees [false hair]
446Tresses of hair
447Trimmings for clothing
448Trouser clips for cyclists
449Underwires for bras
450Underwires for brassieres
451Waving pins for the hair
452Whalebones for corsets
454Woolen laces
455Woollen laces
456Wreaths of artificial flowers
457Zari (Decorative Lace)
458Zip fasteners
459Zip fasteners for bags
460Zipper fasteners
461Zipper pulls
463Zippers for bags

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