Benefits of Getting a FoSCoS / FSSAI License In India?


This article will help you to understand the benefits of getting an FSSAI / FoSCos License in India

Why It is Important to Get FSSAI / FoSCoS registration in India

A food license which is issued by the FSSAI is regarded as a permit that is required to operate a food-related business and also in order to assure good quality of food in your business and for the benefits one from government actions on non-compliances.

But, some entrepreneurs oversee the importance of the FSSAI license as to how this license can be used as an effective marketing tool in order to boost your business. As any sound food business operator, you would want your business to be helped by any of the tools that could help to promote sales. You can use an FSSAI license for the same, in the following ways:

What is FSSAI / FoSCoS License or Food License?

It’s a mandatory license for any sort of food you need to maintain a business with. Furthermore, so as to maintain a food business, you should acquire a food license. Presently any individual that is involved with the food business is known as a food business administrator. And all the food shippers, exporters, food manufacturers, vendors, brokers, transporters, inn owners, café owners, people keeping food in stockrooms and cold stockpiles and any person that is involved in managing foods, legitimately or by implication. Originally this FSSAI / FoSCoS was set up by the ministry of health and family welfare for usage of the FSSAI act.

Some Advantages of getting FSSAI / FoSCoS Food License

  • First of all, it provides you with all the laws and department control via a single access point.
  • It will provide your customers with certain confidence seeing that your brand or business is FSSAI / FoSCos registered, and it will make it easier for them to trust your business with the feeling of goodwill.
  • By only getting one FSSAI / FoSCos registration, it will be sufficient for you to establish different things in the same local area.

Let’s Take a Look on the Types of the FSSAI Registrations

  1. FSSAI / FoSCos Basic Registration :- you can get the basic FSSAI registration if your food business’s annual turnover is below the amount of 12 lakh rupees.
  2. FSSAI / FoSCoS State Registration :- you may register under the state FSSAI registration in case your food business’s annual turnover has exceeded the amount of 12 lakh rupees however it’s still less than the amount of 20 crore rupees.
  3. FSSAI / FoSCoS Central Registration :- FSSAI Central License is applied by an FBO (Food Business Operator) with a turnover of more than Rs. 20 Crores or involvement in exporting and importing food business in India.

In case of the food manufacturers:-

  • Normal storage – It must have a capacity that’s up to 50,000 metric tons.
  • Cold storage – It must have a capacity that’s up to 10,000 metric tons.
  • The atmospherically controlled storage – It must have a capacity that’s up to 1000 metric tons.
  • Whole sellers –Their turnover must be up to the number of rupees 30 crores annually.
  • Food vending agency – Those that set up different vending machines with food products, they should be between the numbers of units 12 to 100 in one state.
  • Food transporters –They must have up to 100 vehicles or turnover for sales up to 30 crores annually.
  • Hotels – should be at least up to a 4-star standard

  Online Process of FSSAI Registration

Presently you are especially mindful of the FSSAI, FSSAI registration classifications and that it’s essential to get FSSAI registration. FSSAI registration is basic and can be effortlessly done online from the legislature approved authority sites. They will simply request that you fill in the application structure alongside the necessary subtleties and in the long run, you will get your FSSAI

registration testament alongside an extraordinary FSSAI registration number that is 14 digits and must be shown in your office as well as is printed obligatorily on the entirety of your food bundling.

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