How to find and search Trademark Business Name

How to find and search Trademark Business Name

Before filing a trademark application, a trademark search should be conducted to find potential with existing trademark applications and even registered trademarks. Trademark search can be done by providing the word mark and the class under which the search is conducted.

A trademark application is filed under 45 different classes as per the NICE classification for trademarks. Each trademark class performs a different set of goods and services. To find a trademark class for particular goods or services, it is always better to conduct Trademark Business Name search Online on the Government websites.

Why is it important to do a Trademark Business Name Search Online?

Find the name of the registered brand name/trademark from the Online Trademark Business Name Search, which may be (phonetically) similar to your passport.

A list of tokens is provided, so one can check whether the prohibited characters are present under the brand name or label.

Under Vienna Code classification, if the brand name contains a logo, you get the information and details of the logo of similar brands by your Trademark Business Name Search.

Under the Trademark Act it is necessary to conduct a Trademark Business Name Search in order to register the applicant’s trademark or brand mark logo. If a similar trademark exists in the Registry of Trademarks, the name can be changed, or a person can choose a new name.

If a related trademark remains, the trademark which is newly applied must be replaced, or a fresh name can be chosen.

If the brand name is uncommon, Then one can continue to enlist the brand name. It is always advisable to do a trademark search before filing a trademark application to register a trademark.

Trademark Database

In India, the Controller General of Patents Designs and Trademarks regulates trademark registration and registered trademarks. Online Trademark Business Name Search databases can be used by both professionals and non-professionals to conduct trademark searches.

The trademark database involves all trademark applications which are submitted to the Registrar of Trademarks in India, along with all registered, already applied, objected and expired trademarks. Trademark Business Name Search will inform the user of valuable information related to the Trademark search query.

Trademark Search Process

Step:1 To conduct a Trademark Business Name Search, visit the trademark search database using a web browser.

Step:2 Select a Wordmark as the search type at the upper of the page, enter that wordmark which you want to find on the trademark database. The trademark database can be compared to a search query with three terms- ‘starts with,’ ‘contains,’ and ‘matches with.’

Step:3 The applicable class of the trademark should be entered. Trademarks are divided into 45 classes, with each class performing a different set of goods and services. Under this only a registered document or document application for that class will be implemented

Step:4 In the last step, you can click here to start searching for the Trademark Business Name Search.

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Trademark Search results

The Trademark Business Name Search results in a search for all the trademarks documents that begin with the word “Ford” registered under class 12.

Next “Show Details” option would display all the information that pertains to application number, application date, owner information, abbot application date, Owner information, date from which it is used, trademark validity date, and also a description.

A simple Trademark Business Name Search will bring up many matches, and understanding the trademark search condition is essential to interpreting the implications.

If “No matches found” is displayed, there is no registered or applicable trademark matching the query. For a trademark to be registered, it should not be similar to any existing trademarks.

Main Trademark Class

Class   Description
Class 3Class 3 includes Bleaching preparations and substances which is used for laundry use; polishing; soaps; perfumery, cleaning; essential oils, cosmetics, hair lotions;
Class 5Class 5 includes Pharmaceutical, veterinary and sanitary preparations included; dietetic substances adapted for medical use, food for babies; disinfectants, herbicides;
Class 9Class 9 includes all Scientific, photographical, electric, measuring, apparatus for recording,also transmission or reproduction of sound or images; data processing equipment and computers;
Class 14Class 14 covers all the  goods in precious metals and Precious metals and their alloys; jewelry, precious stones; horological and other chronometric instruments
Class 25It includes Clothing, footwear, headgear
class 35Class 35 includes Advertising, business administration, business management, office functions.
Class 41Class 41 includes Education; entertainment; providing of training; sporting and cultural activities.
Class 43Class 43 includes Services for providing food and drink; temporary accommodation

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